Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 9 Weighins

This was a roller coaster week. Friday I walked for an hour and a half in the Relay for Life walk. I then walked uphill to get home and thought I was going to die. It felt great to work out, but made me realize how out of shape I am. I also weighed myself at my parents and something must have happened when I weighed myself in week 9 and thought I was 192; because I got 219 this time. I'm guessing I got an inadequate reading in week 9, which sucks because I so badly wanted to be under the 200 mark. All in all, I should be thrilled though, I've lsot 20 pounds which is huge! I gotta kick up the exercise ( slacking on my hulahoop, needing to start walking an hour 3-4 times a week). Maybe I will re-buy a wii to reward myself and feel like I'm having fun while exercising? Still a long way to go, and a somewhat disappointing week, but not a bad weigh-in. My goal this week... buy a nice scale that measures weigh, bmi, bone density, etc so I know is i'm loosing any off my bmi.

Better hope next week. To reward myself last week for my hard work, I got my hair done. I quite love it :)

This week, I also plan to pamper myself by buying a few goodies and a cute party like dress in a 1x :) From a 2x to a 1x feels so good :)

Bust:43 inches (down 1 inch)
Hip:51 inches (down 1 inch)
Waist:47 inches (same from last week)

Current weigh as of Sunday- 219
Goal weight- 145

Pounds to go in a year- 74 (ugh such a big number)