Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Hate Summer

I absolutely hate it! Always have and always will. Call me crazy, but I have always loved colder weather. I love wearing tights ad sweaters, boots, electric blankets, hot cocoa, you name it. The weather here in Oklahoma is miserable- over 100 for the past 45ish days. It's hotter than hell here, everything is dead and brittle. Rain is non exsistant.

So for those of you who are griping about rain, I will gladly trade you. You can have this muggy, humid hell weather and I will take the umbrellas and rain boots heavy rain, GLADLY!!!

And yes, I am already crackin out my fall candles and getting in the holiday mood! My favorite time of year!

Here's what I am praying for:
RAIN!!!! For cleansing and growth and to cool us down.

Financial security- I have decided to sign up to do Pampered Chef too, maybe that's my calling to get us out of this slump we're in.

Fertility blessings- I know it will happen, soon, but I could use prayers. I;d be lying if I didn't say that it wears on me.

God's protection on our nation- we really need it right now, pray law makers think of the smaller people, not just themselves and have God first in all of their decisions.

Pray for peace on this hell hole. The world gets darker, and more tragic, and we need God more than ever.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Need a Pick-Me-Up

Tonight is a day where I feel like I've hit rock bottom. I am depressive and overall, unhappy. I feel like a burden to so many people right now. Lately, I have been craving some serious girl time where I can get out and enjoy myself. I have been trying to connect with close friends and continuously, am treated like an inconvenience. I get tired of having to initiate conversations and place the nice person all the time. I am done with being nice and not putting myself first. I hate feeling this low and sad, it's not me and I am not comfy with it.

Add the fertility issues to the stress, and I am close to a nervous breakdown. I am the only one who isn't pregnant, despite how hard we try and how much we want it. My heart hurts with sadness that the one thing I want so badly, I haven't been blessed with. I hate talking about my fertility issues, but I can't hold all this pain inside of me. I have faith, I pray and know God has us in the palm of his hands, but some days it's just hard to move on and not think about.

I just need somewhere I can go to find myself in times like this, people who are always there for me to talk to when I feel this low and who will lift me up. I need something to make me happy, someone to rely on. I need somewhere to feel welcomed.

I need help and suggestions on what to do; I can't understand why I don't attract people to me. I need a pen-pal to count on when I feel this crappy. I need a pick-me-up.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: EdensFantasy and Kama Sutra Weekender Massage Kit

This is definitely a post that is unlike my usual posts, but something I wanted to share with my subscribers. This is also way over due (life has been hectic and I haven't had much free time to make a decent, well deserved post.)We're all adults here (or if not, please exit this post and move along :)).

I was recently contacted by the lovely Maria at EdensFantasyEdensFantasy and offered a chance to review a product of my choice from their website, then write about my experiences. Of course I said yes; I always love trying new things! That and em a hubby love trying new things to add some spice to our marriage :)The deal was for me to pick out an item of my chocie from the Eden's Fantasy website then do a blog post review over it. My first choice was the Knead Me Massage Set , but it was sold out. I then decided to go with The Kama Sutra Weekender Set in Strawberry Dreams that retails for $28.99.

How Was the shipping/packaging?
Very professional and confidential! My item arrived in a regular, USPS Flat Rate box with no indication of what was inside; which I LOVED! All my packages arrive at my P.O. box so it was nice that the box appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary for me. The item was packaged very nicely and arrivedd in perfect shape. My item also arrived very quickly (I want to say 3 business days).

What is The Weekender Kit By Kama Sutra and what does it include?
The Weekender Kit is a kit that includes some of the top selling/ most popular products offered by Kama Sutra. The kits purpose is to be discrete and small enough to take along on weekend trips. With this kit, a couple is sure to have a weekend filled with fireworks! Here's what eden's fantasy has to say about it:

"Live for the moment and let this pleasure-packed kit enhance every sensual session you spend with one another. Filled with oils, balms, and edible treats, it's like opening a treasure trove of intimacy.

In a box only slightly bigger than a box of playing cards lies a weekend's worth of sultry delights for the taking. Twist open the small jar of flavored honey dust and stroke the feather applicator across your beloved's body, followed by tasty kisses. Rub the pleasure balm or oil of love into one another and enjoy the respective heating and cooling sensations; or use the sweet almond massage oil for a neck or shoulder rub and see where it takes you. The love liquid sensual lubricant will also help "glide" you along if you feel like trying out some Kama Sutra of your own.

Compact and discreet, it is easily tucked into a purse or bedside drawer for quick access in moments of passion. Choose from Original (a blend of vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon) or Strawberry Dreams."

The kit is relatively small (about the size of a deck of cards) and includes 6 sample size products:
*Small bottle of Strawberry Massage Oil
*Small bottle of Almond Massage Oil
*Feather tickler
*Small container of Honey Dust
*Small Container of Strawberry Pleasure Balm
*Small bottle of Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant

What did you think of the products?

*Small bottle of Strawberry Massage Oil- Loved this! It was very relaxing and appeared to heat up a little with the massage. It smelt amazing- like Strawberry Jolly Ranchers. It never got sticky and was very relaxing. The bottle however, is TINY! After 1 massage, there's barely any left. This is a product I'd love to purchase alone in a bigger bottle!

*Small bottle of Almond Massage Oil- This I used on Josh. He seemed to really enjoy it and it had a cherry almond type of scent. This bottle was bigger than the strawberry massage gel and might last 1 or 2 more massages. It didn't appear sticky either and worked really well.

*Feather tickler- It did tickle a lot and it was really nice for stimulation. I don't think it'd be something I'd use a lot or reach for, but it was nice to have something a little different.

*Small container of Honey Dust- This is edible and tasted pretty good. I felt like there was a LOT of product for the container and it would probably last the longest. You only need a little bit to have fun. It was best used with the tickler, but can be messy.

*Small Container of Strawberry Pleasure Balm- This product was difficult for me. I couldn't figure out how it was supposed to be used. I tried it as a lip gloss and it was not appealing :) This would probably be nice to use if I knew how to use it.

*Small bottle of Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant- This was the one thing we haven't used yet because I usually stick to just 1 lubricant. The bottle would probably last 3-5 times if I had to guess just by looking at it.

Overall, would you buy this product? Would you buy it?
I really liked the product and the concept of the product. I do however, think that the price for it is a little bit unpractical. The product is $29.00 and all products only last a few times. I think it would make a good bachelorette/anniversary gift though and I think the Kama Sutra company is really great. I would defiantly buy a big bottle of the massage oil!!! Based on the price and size of the products, I probably would not buy this product. I would however, buy other Kama Sutra products :)

How was your experience with EdensFantasy?
Great! I love the professionalism of the company and the class of the website. I will definitely be order more things for the bedroom from this as well. The website is very user friendly and has something for everyone; no matter what you're looking for. Go and check it out, you won't be disappointed!!!! Go on over to:Eden's Fantasy

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Okay, so I'm an hour early, but my excitement levels are too high! Hubby is at work right now, but should be home soon and when he does he'll find a love note on the door, a love song on his facebook (Lcuky by Jason Mraz, google it, it's amazing!), and a present(5th season of Futurama, a book, and candy)waiting for him. Tomorrow night, after work, I am going to cook for him :)

I took next Thursday and Friday off to celebrate and do lots of shopping; I can't wait!!!

Also, my friend Stacey- she took my AMAZING pin-up pictures, offered to give me a free shoot and create the bridal session i never had. I seriously wanted to tear up, because I regretted not have the chance to do mine. I cannot wait and I am so thankful to her.A

Anyway, hubby's supposed to be surprising me too, so I'll blog about what I get when I get it :)

Happy 3 year anniversary baby! So glad we made it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lexi Gets a Haircut!

How adorable is she??? Since she's now short haired, she got to stay in the house and sleep in our bed (hey, she's our baby!). She didn't even potty in the house!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Order Review: Candles By Victoria

I don't know about you but I am a home fragrance/ candleholic! I love my house having different scents in every room that are realistic, strong, and amazing that people who visit think I am baking :) I am super picky about my candle scents, and brands and Candles By Victoria has never let me down! In fact, even my puppy love Candles by Victoria (she likes sitting on the living room couch with her nose in the air, wondering what that amazing smell is :)

It seems in this economy, a good candle is really hard to come by. I have spent a lot of money on "designer" candles, only to find the scent quickly fades away and leaves me with a jar of unscented wax or with a candle that didn't burn evenly. When I first joined the Youtube community, everyone was raving how amazing Victoria's candles were and how worth the money they were. I decided to give her candles a try and see if they were all they claimed to be. All I have to say is, wow! I was blown away!

Candles By Victoria

One thing I truly love about Victoria and her company is that you feel like you have a 1-on-1 relationship with Victoria. They have 600.... yessssss 600 scents and for a new customer, the scent choices can be overwhelming at times; that's when I turn to Victoria for suggestions and advice! I have never been treated like an inconvenience and have enjoyed every shopping experience I've had. I also really enjoy that Candles By Victoria is a home-based, home-owned candle company located in Van, Texas. No fancy schmancy company or just being an order number. Every candle is made with love and it shows! Here is the statement on their page:

We understand that shopping for scented candles online can be difficult, here at Candles By Victoria we are devoted to candle making and to your online shopping experience. Our number one goal is that you receive outstanding customer service combined with an amazing, well made, highly scented candle! Here at Candles By Victoria we have spent many long hours of testing until we came up with what we believe, and our customers tell us, is the perfect clean burning wax formulation that give our strong scented candles a complete burn and an amazing scent throw, from the first time you light one of our scented candles to the very last drop, one small candle will scent an entire room, we guarantee it!

Our creamy highly scented candles are individually hand poured right here in our store in Van Texas and are drenched with the maximum amount of the finest fragrance oils. We have searched the world over to offer our customers the finest quality fragrances for our highly scented candles that you can find anywhere. With over 600 fragrance choices, we know you will find something you love. Victoria's secret is that each candle is hand poured at the time of order, this ensures fresh, highly fragrant candles each and every time. Highly fragrant candles and attention to detail are what set us apart from other candle companies.

How many times have you purchased scented candles from other candle companies only to be disappointed in the way they burned or the fact that you couldn't smell those candles no matter how close you got to them? How aggravating is it to burn a candle once only to have the wick become buried in wax? How many times have you had wax stuck to the side of the candles jar that didn't melt? How much money have you wasted on inferior candles from other more expense candle companies?

We guarantee our highly scented candles to not only burn clean and STRONG but to burn all the way to the bottom of the jar so you can enjoy your scented candles until the very last drop. Anyone can make a candle that smells good when you put your nose right up too it but only Candles By Victoria candles will scent an entire room from the first time you light that candle until the very last drop!

Here at Candles By Victoria we don't take your decision to purchase candles from us lightly. We understand you have many choices when purchasing candles online. We don't want you to buy candles from us just ONE time, we want you to become a part of our candle family! This means we will go to great lengths to make your candle buying experience a pleasurable one here at Candles By Victoria. It also means that we have dedicated ourselves not only to outstanding customer service but to producing the strongest, longest, best burning candles you will ever try. Candles are what we do best, try our candles for yourself, experience what our customers tell us; "Candles with true scent power"!

Enter our online candle store by clicking the graphic above and enjoy our wide array of highly scented hand poured candles and tarts. Candles By Victoria has over nine years of candle making experience and online service. We have spent years perfecting our candles and we know what our customers want; candles that burn clean, candles that burn strong and candles that burn a long time and our candles do just that and more. We are confident that Candles By Victoria will become your #1 online candle resource.

I just received my current candle order; which I might add was during a huge sale they had (in a week people!). Everything arrived nicely packed and ready to burn :) What are you waiting for? If you are looking for the best candles you will ever find, look no further; head on over to and let them know Jenn sent ya :)

Thank you SO very much Victoria for being an amazing business owner and providing amazing, affordable products that are hand-crafted from the heart.

Have you tried any of their candles? What do you think? Are you in love?! What are your favorites?

Check out the pics from today's order ;)

Pumpkin Gingerbread Splash Comfort Candle :)

Purple and Aqua Love Victoria Candle:

Aqua and Lime Green Love Victoria Candle:

Red and Black Love Victoria Candle:

Order view:

All my goodies :)