Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Bucket List

I believe everyone should have things they strive for and get excited for. This is a list of things I would like to accomplish before I die.

My Bucket List
: 1.Put my hands in Marilyn Monroe's at Graumann's Chinese Theater.
2.Go to the Smithsonian.
3.Take pin up pictures.
4.Get a tattoo on my foot.
5.Go to a live taping of Oprah.
6. Read all of the Sookie Stsackhouse books.-May 2010
7. Visit the Playboy Mansion.
8.Get a massage.
9.Swim with the dolphins.
10.Get my eyebrows threaded.
11.Learn to contour my cheeks.
12. Learn to sew.
13.Get remarried at a chapel in Vegas.
14.Get a bigger wedding ring.
15.See the Eiffel Tower.
16.Get a caricature.
17.Own real pearls.
18. Go on the Sex and the City tour.
19. Find the "perfect" red lipstick.
20.Become a Scentsy rep.-September 2009
21.Grow my hair out long.
22.Go to Mardi-Gras.
23. Get leied.
24.Get a high end pair of heels.
25.Buy a lottery ticket.
26.Be a mommy.
27.Go to the Kentucky Derby and wear a big hat.
28 Get Lasik.
29.See a volcano.
30.Buy a new car.
31.Fly on a trapeze.
32.Get a pedicure with my mom.-May 2010
33. Win a costume contest
34.Gamble in Vegas
35.Stay in a bed and breakfast.
36.Go to a ball.
37.Go to Hawaii
38.Take a photography class.
39.Buy my first MAC item from the website or store.
40.Buy a Macbook.
41.Get a 3.0.
42. Give my sister a makeover.
43.Have a dessert pen pal.
44.Get flowers delivered to me.
45.Join a teacher's organization.
46. Go to a teacher's convention.
47.Meet and take a pic with a famous person.
48 Have zero credit card debt.
49.Learn to pole dance.
50.Own a house.
51.Own something from Tiffany's and Co.
52.See Lady Gaga in concert.
53.Go to a wine testing.
54.Smash grapes with my feet to make wine.
55 Ride in a limo.
56 Find the perfect “little black dress”.
57. Perfect a "no makeup" look.
58 Learn how to work with rolled fondant.
59.Take more ballroom dancing classes.
60.Eat crab.- August 27, 2010
61.Send out Christmas cards.
62.Ride a gondola in Venice.
63.Write a children's book.
64.See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
65 Visit every state in the U.S.
66.Run a marathon.
67.Plant a tree/flowers.
68.Donate money to charity.
69.Learn to ice skate.
70.Learn to play the guitar.
71.Write a song.
72.Ride in a hot air balloon.
73.Go parasailing.
74.Ride a mechanical bull.
75.Celebrate New Year's in Time Square.
76.See a Macy's holiday parade.
77.Dance burlesque/go to a burlesque show.
78.Go to Coyote Ugly Saloon.
79. Take old timey saloon pics.
80 Have a real (snail mail) pen pal.
81. Walk the Great Wall of China.
82.Meet the president.
83.Ride a trolley.
84.See a real Broadway show.
85.Go on a cruise.
86.Go to Graceland.
87.Go to an auction at Christie's or Sotheby's.
88.Shop in Rodeo Drive.
89.Own a Betsey Johnson purse.
90.Go to an OU game.
91.Get an autograph.
92.Whiten my teeth
93.Hit 500 subscribers on youtube.
94.Adopt an animal from the pound.
95.Go to the Olympics.
96.See a ballet.
97 Surf.
98.Go to Coney Island and eat a hotdog.
99.Take a candlelit bath.
100.Get a facial.
101.Collect something.
102.Cook for my in laws.
103.Sleep in Cinderella's castle.
104.Cut my husbands hair.- December 2009
105. Get my cosmetology degree.
106. Do someone's makeup for a formal.
107. Throw a surprise party.
108. Loose 50 lbs.
109. Learn yoga.
110. Visit the Big Apple.
111. Go to Hawaii.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Weeks Weigh-Ins

So I've fallen off my wagon again with the weighing in... still need to get a scale and exercise more, but let's see how I do.

Bust:45" (Up 3 inches)
Hips:51.5"(Down half an inch)
Waist:50" (Up 4 inches)

Been so busy and preoccupied with life that my diet/weight loss has taken a back seat. Still no coke, so yay :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our 2 Year Anniversary Pics

I got the Anniversary proofs today and I am n love! These are by far the best pics we've taken.

What do you think? I think they capture us really well!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

50 Randoms About Me

1. I’ve been married for two fantastic years (minus 9 days, haha) to my husband Josh. It hasn't been easy, every day is a new day and we work to make it the best that we can.
2. Yes, my eye color is real, no contacts here.
3. I have a nephew, Caiden who is almost 3. He's silly, and all boy and I love him to pieces.
4. I am a major procrastinator; I work a ton better under pressure.
5. I love to shop; I repeat LOVE to shop!
6. I sometimes get really really down and depressed over nothing; I just want to feel sorry for myself and cry.
7. I do not like feeling like a failure. It's the one thing I fear the most. I always want to please everyone and to be liked.
8. I really want to go on a cruise someday.
9. I HATE tomatoes. I love ketchups and pasta sauce, but tomatoes themselves make me want to gag.
10. I am actually very creative when I have a reason to be.
11. I HATE drama. I avoid situations where I know I'll be around it.
12. I Hate conflict also. I don't like having to be the bad guy, but I can if I have to be. I refuse to let people take advantage of me.
13. I have only a few handful of friends. People I went to high school with can suck it. They wouldn't know what a friend is if it bit them in the butt.
14. I recently made a vow to myself that once a week I would do something that I enjoy for myself.
15. I am trying to get motivated to start scrapbooking again. I am really really behind.
16. I love to cook and bake.
17. I love to dress up and be super super girly.
18. I am very very good at making huge gift bows and gift baskets.
19. I love to work with children.
20. I do not like to get dirty. I'm a huge girly girl who loves dressing up and looking pretty.
21. I have been in college since 2005. I will be graduating in 2011. I was one of those students who took my time and didn't really know what I wanted to do when I first started.
22. I hate the smell of lavender and patchouli. Both make me want to barf.
23. I am a beauty guru on youtube-jenlwal3 :)
24. I want to get Lasik Eye surgery.
25. I am a teacher's assistant- I hope to be a Lead Teacher when I graduate.
26. I love to read.
27. I love to take pictures
28. I'm a homebody who needs to get out of the house more.
29. Youtube has broaden my knowledge on fashion, beauty, and makeup. It has made me so much more girlier than I ever though possible.
30. My favorite color is purple.
31. I hope to be a mommy in the next year.
32. I would love to go to NYC.
33. I cannot walk in a straight line for anything.
34. I've never been pulled over (knock on wood).
35. I've cut out caffeine in my life. So hard to do, but so worth it!
36. I have a birthmark on the top of my left eyeball.
37. I also have a birthmark on my forehead, but it has faded and only shows when i'm mad.
38. I sometimes go on websites and put a lot of items in my shopping cart to see how much things are. I then look for discount codes to see how much I'd save even though I don't have the money to buy it.
39. I love Italian and Mexican food.
40. I got my license when I was 20.
41. I am pretty religious. I go to church regularly and feel bad if I miss it. Sundays are time to recollect.
42. I don’t trust easily. I never have.
43. I am really close to my parents. I love them both and they have sacrificed a lot for me and I will be forever grateful for that.
44. Sundays are my family day.
45. I love True Blood. OOOh Eric!
46. I hate Twilight. I think it's about the stupidest thing ever and I totally don't get the hype.
47. I love to read.
48. I am a huge classic rock buff.
49. I love to eat. (As if we can't tell lol.)
50. I would love to completely redecorate my house. I get bored easily. Lol

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freaking Thursday.

I got in my car to head to work and heard a bunk, bunk, bunk. Getting a flat tire was not on my list of things to do today. What makes it worse is my hubby left to pay bills like a minute before.

I am now late to work and having to wait on my hubby to take me to get another tire....

Monday, July 5, 2010


Oopsie.... someone posted twice. Now who could that have been? :)

Sneak Peek- 2nd Anniversary Pics

Today my husband and I went and took pictures for our 2nd anniversary which is July 19th. We've already received a tester and I LOVE it! I'll be adding more when we get the proofs.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weigh-In: I'm a Total Slacker

I'm going to be totally honest, I have lost motivation and haven't even weighed myself or done measurements in 3 weeks, which makes me sick. I think after I took my pregnancy test a few weeks ago and got negative results, I've been in a slump and haven't wanted to do anything, but now is the time where I'm going to pick up again and do better. My diet's really gone down hill (being broke is hard to buy good, healthy food), but I have stayed on my game with water. No coke in about 3 months :) I'm going to go tomorrow, buy groceries and get my butt back in gear. I'm also going to start my exercising, I haven't even tried to work with my hula hoop. Even though I feel disquisting and like a failure, Josh keeps saying I look a lot thinner and that my tummy is going away. I still don't see major results, but maybe soon?

Anyhow, here's where I stand as of today:

Bust:42 inches ( WOO HOO down an inch from 3 weeks ago!)
Hips:52 inches (Up one inch, but I'm not going to stress it!)
Waist:46 inches (Down 1 inch from 3 weeks ago :) )

I've decided, I'm book my pinup session this month for October; I need something to motivate me :)