Saturday, December 28, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Swap Reveal!

Woo hoo! The time has come to reveal my 12 Days of Christmas Swap Package. I meant to have this up a few days ago, but my mother-in-law suddenly passed away yesterday and my mind has been elsewhere.


Anyway, this swap was so fun to take part in and I had a blast shopping for goodies. This swap was hosted by Miss Beth and Miss Angie at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. I was paired with the lovely Victoria from My Thoughts for Thought. I really enjoy reading her blog reviews on subscription boxes! I feel like we were a lot alike and our packages to each other were pretty similar. My package to her was delayed due to the snow storm, so we both got to open a few presents at a time to catch up.

Here's my box of goodies! (I for sure will do this swap every year, because it's like an early Christmas each day leading up to Christmas!):

Day 1: Yummy, homemade fudge! This lasted a whole 5 minutes and was delicious! I even had a little gift opening helper :)

Day 2: Nail Polish, which I love! Such pretty colors!

Day 3: There were 2 # 2's, so I opened one on Day 3. Cute candy cane earrings made by Victoria!

Day 4: Gingersnap Tea. I haven't used this yet, but I love tea in the winter and this sounds really yummy!
Day 5: Chocolate Cookie Mix. I need to make this so soon. Yum!!

Day 6: A Wine Bag with candy inside. I think it would be cute to take on a picnic :)

 Day 7:  I couldn't find the tag for a number 7, but it;'s no biggie. I think it got pulled off somewhere and might have been one of the polish colors. I love them both :)

Day 8: Cute Candy cane earrings made by Victoria :)

 Day 9: Homemade hot cocoa with a candy cane. I have yet to use this because I haven't been home much, but it looks yummy!

 Day 10:  Really cute tea stained clothespins to display Christmas cards. I LOVE these too!

 Day 11: A cute leopard scarf! I LOVE this soooo much! It will be heavily worn!

 Day 12: This cute purse/clutch that her cousin made. It is soooo cute and definitely one of my favorite items!

 I am super happy with everything I received and loved that a lot of items were homemade. I hope Victoria loves her package as well! :)