Sunday, February 27, 2011

Updated Bucket List- February 2011

I believe everyone should have things they strive for and get excited for. This is a list of things I would like to accomplish before I die.

My Bucket List
: 1.Put my hands in Marilyn Monroe's at Graumann's Chinese Theater.
2.Go to the Smithsonian.
3.Take pin up pictures. -Will happen April 23, 2011 :)
4.Get a tattoo on my foot.
5.Go to a live taping of a television show.
6. Read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books.-May 2010
7. Visit the Playboy Mansion.
8.Get a massage.
9.Swim with the dolphins.
10.Get my eyebrows threaded.
11.Learn to contour my cheeks.
12. Learn to sew.
13.Get remarried at a chapel in Vegas.
14.Get a bigger wedding ring.
15.See the Eiffel Tower.
16.Get a caricature.
17.Own real pearls.-July 2008
18. Go on the Sex and the City tour.
19. Find the "perfect" red lipstick.- October 23, 2010
20.Become a Scentsy rep.-September 2009
21.Grow my hair out long.
22.Go to Mardi-Gras.
23. Get leied.
24.Get a high end pair of heels.
25.Buy a lottery ticket.
26.Be a mommy.
27.Go to the Kentucky Derby and wear a big hat.
28 Get Lasik.
29.See a volcano.
30.Buy a new car.
31.Fly on a trapeze.
32.Get a pedicure with my mom.-May 2010
33. Win a costume contest
34.Gamble in Vegas
35.Stay in a bed and breakfast.
36.Go to a ball.
37.Go to Hawaii
38.Take a photography class.
39.Buy my first MAC item from the website or store.- October 23, 2010
40.Buy a Macbook.
41.Get a 3.0.
42. Give my sister a makeover.
43.Have a dessert pen pal.
44.Get flowers delivered to me.
45.Join a teacher's organization.
46. Go to a teacher's convention.
47.Meet and take a pic with a famous person.
48 Have zero credit card debt.
49.Learn to pole dance.
50.Own a house.
51.Own something from Tiffany's and Co.
52.See Lady Gaga in concert.
53.Go to a wine testing.
54.Smash grapes with my feet to make wine.
55 Ride in a limo.
56 Find the perfect “little black dress”.
57. Perfect a "no makeup" look.
58 Learn how to work with rolled fondant.
59.Take more ballroom dancing classes.
60.Eat crab.- August 27, 2010
61.Send out Christmas cards.-December 2010
62.Ride a gondola in Venice.
63.Write a children's book.
64.See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
65 Visit every state in the U.S.
66.Run a marathon.
67.Plant a tree/flowers.
68.Donate money to charity.-March for Babies- October 2010
69.Learn to ice skate.
70.Learn to play the guitar.
71.Write a song.
72.Ride in a hot air balloon.
73.Go parasailing.
74.Ride a mechanical bull.
75.Celebrate New Year's in Time Square.
76.See a Macy's holiday parade.
77.Dance burlesque/go to a burlesque show.
78.Go to Coyote Ugly Saloon.
79. Take old timey saloon pics.
80 Have a real (snail mail) pen pal.-Amanda :)- October 2010, but could always use more :)
81. Walk the Great Wall of China.
82.Meet the president.
83.Ride a trolley.
84.See a real Broadway show.
85.Go on a cruise.
86.Go to Graceland.
87.Go to an auction at Christie's or Sotheby's.
88.Shop in Rodeo Drive.
89.Own a Betsey Johnson purse.-March 2011 :)
90.Go to an OU game.
91.Get an autograph.
92.Whiten my teeth
93.Hit 500 subscribers on youtube.
94.Adopt an animal from the pound.
95.Go to the Olympics.
96.See a ballet.
97 Surf.
98.Go to Coney Island and eat a hotdog.
99.Take a candlelit bath. -February 2011
100.Get a facial.
101.Collect something. -M.A.C. and Nailpolish-ongoing :)
102.Cook for my in laws.
103.Sleep in Cinderella's castle.
104.Cut my husbands hair.- December 2009
105. Get my cosmetology degree.
106. Do someone's makeup for a formal.
107. Throw a surprise party.
108. Loose 50 lbs.
109. Learn yoga. -September 2010- ongoing :)
110. Visit the Big Apple.
111. Go to Hawaii.
112. Go to Oktoberfest- October 23, 2010

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow, please go away!!!

We've been snowed in for 3 days now!!!! Meaning, no work, no going anywhere! I'm enjoying time spent with my hubby, but it's kinda getting on my nerves that the snow and ice are just sitting here and not melting off. I had plans for Saturday, stupid snow....

I guess we are lucky that we aren't living further up north, where they got the worst of the weather. Tulsa got 21"! They don't get to move for a long, long time. The roads are horrible and I am not even going to attempt that!

Hope you guys are safe and warm and not in the middle of this nasty weather. At least the sun is out and work cares enough about our safety to not make us attempt it, because I wouldn't. Did I mention it's only 7 degrees??? Eek!!!

The side of our house:

Wait... there's a driveway there?

Snow pics with the hubby:

Take 2:

Boys will be boys :)

Snow on the side of the house:

Poor little house :(