Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Here's a few pics of our costumes from tonight. It was a last minute choice and I thought it turned ot really cute! Happy Halloween to all!

I was Sally Brown from Peanuts:

Josh was Charlie Brown:

My nephew was Buzz Lightyear. Who knew he was so gangster?

Sally and Charlie:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4 days, 4 days!!!

In 4 days, we will be moving into our new home. I am so so happy, excited, and ready for the change. We've needed it for so long. Finances will be tight for a while and Christmas won't be nearly as good as last yearm, but I get a chance to use my craftiness and do homemade presents. I cannot wait to share them with you guys, as well as our new home, all nice and decorated :)

Just wanted to give as little heads up and let you guys know we're still alive :) I'm even almost done rewashing all of our many, many clothes. Internet sucks at my parents, so pictures, videos, and updates will be slow and few for a few weeks, but know that I am keeping a watch on all of your blogs and events :)

Hope to show pics of our new house soon :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in review- Kicking Some Numbers on the Bucket List

Woo hoo! What a fun, fun weekend! This wekeend Josh and I went to Tulsa and stayed with my friend Kelsey and her fiance, Eric at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and we had a blast. I took lots of fun pictures and even better, knocked some items off my bucket list :)

Here's a little summary in pictures of our fun filled week:

Josh and I at Denny's

Kelsey and I

A little bit drunk lol.

Riding in the backseat.

Notice the lip color :) Finally found my perfect red!!!

Bucket List Updated

I believe everyone should have things they strive for and get excited for. This is a list of things I would like to accomplish before I die.

My Bucket List
: 1.Put my hands in Marilyn Monroe's at Graumann's Chinese Theater.
2.Go to the Smithsonian.
3.Take pin up pictures.
4.Get a tattoo on my foot.
5.Go to a live taping of Oprah.
6. Read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books.-May 2010
7. Visit the Playboy Mansion.
8.Get a massage.
9.Swim with the dolphins.
10.Get my eyebrows threaded.
11.Learn to contour my cheeks.
12. Learn to sew.
13.Get remarried at a chapel in Vegas.
14.Get a bigger wedding ring.
15.See the Eiffel Tower.
16.Get a caricature.
17.Own real pearls.
18. Go on the Sex and the City tour.
19. Find the "perfect" red lipstick.- October 23, 2010
20.Become a Scentsy rep.-September 2009
21.Grow my hair out long.
22.Go to Mardi-Gras.
23. Get leied.
24.Get a high end pair of heels.
25.Buy a lottery ticket.
26.Be a mommy.
27.Go to the Kentucky Derby and wear a big hat.
28 Get Lasik.
29.See a volcano.
30.Buy a new car.
31.Fly on a trapeze.
32.Get a pedicure with my mom.-May 2010
33. Win a costume contest
34.Gamble in Vegas
35.Stay in a bed and breakfast.
36.Go to a ball.
37.Go to Hawaii
38.Take a photography class.
39.Buy my first MAC item from the website or store.- October 23, 2010
40.Buy a Macbook.
41.Get a 3.0.
42. Give my sister a makeover.
43.Have a dessert pen pal.
44.Get flowers delivered to me.
45.Join a teacher's organization.
46. Go to a teacher's convention.
47.Meet and take a pic with a famous person.
48 Have zero credit card debt.
49.Learn to pole dance.
50.Own a house.
51.Own something from Tiffany's and Co.
52.See Lady Gaga in concert.
53.Go to a wine testing.
54.Smash grapes with my feet to make wine.
55 Ride in a limo.
56 Find the perfect “little black dress”.
57. Perfect a "no makeup" look.
58 Learn how to work with rolled fondant.
59.Take more ballroom dancing classes.
60.Eat crab.- August 27, 2010
61.Send out Christmas cards.
62.Ride a gondola in Venice.
63.Write a children's book.
64.See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
65 Visit every state in the U.S.
66.Run a marathon.
67.Plant a tree/flowers.
68.Donate money to charity.-March for Babies- October 2010
69.Learn to ice skate.
70.Learn to play the guitar.
71.Write a song.
72.Ride in a hot air balloon.
73.Go parasailing.
74.Ride a mechanical bull.
75.Celebrate New Year's in Time Square.
76.See a Macy's holiday parade.
77.Dance burlesque/go to a burlesque show.
78.Go to Coyote Ugly Saloon.
79. Take old timey saloon pics.
80 Have a real (snail mail) pen pal.-Amanda :)- October 2010
81. Walk the Great Wall of China.
82.Meet the president.
83.Ride a trolley.
84.See a real Broadway show.
85.Go on a cruise.
86.Go to Graceland.
87.Go to an auction at Christie's or Sotheby's.
88.Shop in Rodeo Drive.
89.Own a Betsey Johnson purse.
90.Go to an OU game.
91.Get an autograph.
92.Whiten my teeth
93.Hit 500 subscribers on youtube.
94.Adopt an animal from the pound.
95.Go to the Olympics.
96.See a ballet.
97 Surf.
98.Go to Coney Island and eat a hotdog.
99.Take a candlelit bath.
100.Get a facial.
101.Collect something.
102.Cook for my in laws.
103.Sleep in Cinderella's castle.
104.Cut my husbands hair.- December 2009
105. Get my cosmetology degree.
106. Do someone's makeup for a formal.
107. Throw a surprise party.
108. Loose 50 lbs.
109. Learn yoga.
110. Visit the Big Apple.
111. Go to Hawaii.
112. Go to Oktoberfest- October 23, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

An update on Things to Come

Hi guys,
Josh and I have many exciting things happening for us in the next few weeks. Here's a little break down:

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we're going to Tulsa and meeting up with my friend Kelsey and her fiance, Eric. Expect lots of pictures :) We're staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and will have a blast. Saturday we're all going to Oktoberfest (yes, I have a barmaid's costume :)) and then having lots of fun afterwards. Sunday I am going to a babyshower for my friend Becky and her baby girl, Abagail. Babyshowers make me happy; I love thinking of the future of when I will have one of my own :)

The following weekend- Halloween weekend; we're MOVING! YAY!!! I am beyond ready to move out of this mouse infested dump and when I say infested I mean it. I am totally done with this place and this slum landlord who won't fix anything. The new house is somewhat in the country, 3 beds, 1 bath, and roomy. I cannot wait to decorate and show you guys are new place. But yes, mouse situation is out of control. I will not even tell you how many we've killed in the past 2 days with setting glue traps. It would seriously gross you out. We may be renting a storage unit and moving everything in it so we can get out of this place, then staying with my parent for 2 weeks.Halloween will be so-so this year, I'll dress up in my Robin Hood costume and go to my church's carnival, but that's it.

One the 6th, Josh's Christian fraternity is having a date night in OKC at a yummy Italian restaurant that is my favorite. In the 4 years we've been together, our plans are always booked and we're unable to go, but this year, we are going. Lots of pictures will be posted from this too :)

On the 12th, we have a wedding of one of Josh's fraternity brothers that we're going to in OKC. I have the perfect dress and cannot wait. Usually, we can't both get the same days off to go to weddings, but this time we did :)

The hell starts with getting ready for finals, turning in projects, etc. and worrying if I'll be able to afford to go to college next semester. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I've been cut off from all state funding since I'm in my 5th year of college, so needless to say I owe 900 bucks that I don't have. I am hoping for a scholarship I applied for in the Summer, but I dunno. I keep praying like crazy that I WILL BE HELPED in some way.

So that's it :) Busy, busy, busy and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping lol. I will be making lots of things as opposed to buying as much as I did last year.

Here's some pics from recent date nights for you guys :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weigh-In Update

I know, I know... I suck at this! I'll be totally honest, I've fallen off the bandwagon with my dieting and yoga, but give me 2 weeks to get settled into my new house and I'll be busting my butt again.

I also bought a pedometer to track miles walked to get my bonus from work next year :) It's amazing to work towards a goal to be healthier and to get paid for it :)

Here we go:
Measurements as of October 16, 2010:

Weigh-ins September 18, 2010:

I really am not surprised that the numbers went up because I honestly have been so so lazy. I swear, this is going to get a lot better though, because I am not happy with it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I haven't felt like myself in a few weeks. 2 weeks ago (on that Friday) I was at work when I got a feeling liek I needed to pee. I went potty and had this horrible, pressure in my pelvis region that brought me to tears. It got worse as the night went on and I made hubby take me to the e.r. After answering many embarrassing questions and peeing in a cup, the doctor told me I had a bad bladder infection- a level 3 plus. I had to get a shot in my hiney and a week and a half of antibiotics. I finished up my pills today and it's helped my deep chest cold/cough, but I feel terrible.

Lately, I feel so drained, so tired, and like I have no energy. My boobs have hurt so bad and I have been super nauseated. I'm currently nauseated as we speak. We're hoping it's a little bundle of joy baking in my oven and making me feel like crap, but it's still too early to tell. I took a test Saturday and it was negative, but it was still WAY too early to tell. Pray for us that we can find out in a few weeks if it is a little one for us; both of us want and are ready to be parents.

Even better news; we're moving into a nicer, bigger house in about 2 and a half weeks! We cannot wait!!! More room, in the country, and a great place to decorate and make many memories in. Please be patient with us in the next few weeks as we're packing and going to be settling in to our new home, but we're so excited to share pictures and our love with you guys :)