Monday, October 11, 2010

I haven't felt like myself in a few weeks. 2 weeks ago (on that Friday) I was at work when I got a feeling liek I needed to pee. I went potty and had this horrible, pressure in my pelvis region that brought me to tears. It got worse as the night went on and I made hubby take me to the e.r. After answering many embarrassing questions and peeing in a cup, the doctor told me I had a bad bladder infection- a level 3 plus. I had to get a shot in my hiney and a week and a half of antibiotics. I finished up my pills today and it's helped my deep chest cold/cough, but I feel terrible.

Lately, I feel so drained, so tired, and like I have no energy. My boobs have hurt so bad and I have been super nauseated. I'm currently nauseated as we speak. We're hoping it's a little bundle of joy baking in my oven and making me feel like crap, but it's still too early to tell. I took a test Saturday and it was negative, but it was still WAY too early to tell. Pray for us that we can find out in a few weeks if it is a little one for us; both of us want and are ready to be parents.

Even better news; we're moving into a nicer, bigger house in about 2 and a half weeks! We cannot wait!!! More room, in the country, and a great place to decorate and make many memories in. Please be patient with us in the next few weeks as we're packing and going to be settling in to our new home, but we're so excited to share pictures and our love with you guys :)


Amanda said...

Hiya Beautiful! Sorry to hear about the bladder infection..they are the suck! But how about those other symptoms..whoa..that is exactly what I feel like everytime I am pregnant..sending lots of baby dust your way! Thats so exciting that you are moving..make sure you email me your new addy..I hope you are still where you were right now..I sent the parcel to the other address that you emailed me before..take care *hugs*

Josh and Jennifer said...

We will be in this (old) house until around the 1st of November so you should be good :) As soon as we're in the new house and I have the new address, I'll email it to you though :) I hope the symptoms I've been having are baby symptoms too :) Feel free to spread that baby dust haha.