Sunday, October 17, 2010

An update on Things to Come

Hi guys,
Josh and I have many exciting things happening for us in the next few weeks. Here's a little break down:

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we're going to Tulsa and meeting up with my friend Kelsey and her fiance, Eric. Expect lots of pictures :) We're staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and will have a blast. Saturday we're all going to Oktoberfest (yes, I have a barmaid's costume :)) and then having lots of fun afterwards. Sunday I am going to a babyshower for my friend Becky and her baby girl, Abagail. Babyshowers make me happy; I love thinking of the future of when I will have one of my own :)

The following weekend- Halloween weekend; we're MOVING! YAY!!! I am beyond ready to move out of this mouse infested dump and when I say infested I mean it. I am totally done with this place and this slum landlord who won't fix anything. The new house is somewhat in the country, 3 beds, 1 bath, and roomy. I cannot wait to decorate and show you guys are new place. But yes, mouse situation is out of control. I will not even tell you how many we've killed in the past 2 days with setting glue traps. It would seriously gross you out. We may be renting a storage unit and moving everything in it so we can get out of this place, then staying with my parent for 2 weeks.Halloween will be so-so this year, I'll dress up in my Robin Hood costume and go to my church's carnival, but that's it.

One the 6th, Josh's Christian fraternity is having a date night in OKC at a yummy Italian restaurant that is my favorite. In the 4 years we've been together, our plans are always booked and we're unable to go, but this year, we are going. Lots of pictures will be posted from this too :)

On the 12th, we have a wedding of one of Josh's fraternity brothers that we're going to in OKC. I have the perfect dress and cannot wait. Usually, we can't both get the same days off to go to weddings, but this time we did :)

The hell starts with getting ready for finals, turning in projects, etc. and worrying if I'll be able to afford to go to college next semester. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I've been cut off from all state funding since I'm in my 5th year of college, so needless to say I owe 900 bucks that I don't have. I am hoping for a scholarship I applied for in the Summer, but I dunno. I keep praying like crazy that I WILL BE HELPED in some way.

So that's it :) Busy, busy, busy and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping lol. I will be making lots of things as opposed to buying as much as I did last year.

Here's some pics from recent date nights for you guys :)


Amanda said... guys are soo cute will make beautiful babies! And must tell me what kind of makeup you use, your skin is glowing....xxoo

Josh and Jennifer said...

Aww you are so so sweet! I usually use the Revlon Colorstay or Revlon Photoready foundation :) I LOVE how it looks!