Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feels Like a Monday

In all reality, I really thought I was ready to go back to work from vacation, but after tossing and turning and getting maybe 2 hours of sleep total, I kinda think differently.

Really, I swear today is Monday, because I'm already off to a good start.

First, I broke the drain lever thing in my tub last night, so all this disquisting sediment stuff keeps settling at the bottom of our tub and I keep having to wash it out.

I got up and washed my hair this morning and grabbed the last available towel in the closet, which smelt like wet, dirty dog. I about puked. The smell was more than I could stand.

Speaking of laundry, everything electronic we own is going out. First the washer got a hole in the bottom and leaks everywhere in our laundry room and now our dryer won't work. Our fridge went out, so we're living in a mini dorm fridge, and our xbox went out. It's always 1 thing after another.

Today hubs has to go and get me 2 new tires for my car while I am at work, because I have some BAD bald ones right now that I can't believe are still hanging on. I literally pray every time I drive to make it safely on the tires. Tomorrow I guess I'll haul my butt to the laundry mat with the massive amount of laundry I have so we have towels and things to wear, totally sucks not being able to wash your own clothes from the comfort of your home.

I'll stop griping, just going to be one of those days I am afraid...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Scentsy Info

Hello all, just wanted to make a post letting you all know that I am a Scentsy Independent Consultant (since September 2009). I have put a tab on the side of my blog where you can go to like my consultant page on facebook.

I also have a personal website if you're unfamiliar with the products or would just like to take a look. If you're looking for a consultant, I'd love to be yours and answer any questions you may have :)

The best part, I do giveaways for products every now and then!

Feel free to check it out:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vacay Pics

Josh and I had a great vacation, but are so glad to be back home and getting a chance to relax. We were exhausted, but had a good time. Here's some pics of our week in Galveston.

My sisters and me:

Me and the hubs:

Me and my sister:

Me and the hubs:

Me and the hubs:

Me and the hubs:

My nephew,my sister, and me:

Me and my sisters

My nephew and me

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've seen this around a lot of blogs and thought, what the heck; it's fun and something for my bloggers and myself to look forward to.

I'm Loving: The amazing breeze that we're experiencing on the beach.

I'm Loving: The easy, breezy hair braiding I've been rocking this week as a result of the salty sea air.

I;m Loving: Getting to sleep in the last week.

I'm Loving: Finding amazingly cute home decor at the tourist sites in town.

I'm Loving: The amazingly cute candy store we went to today. Bought way too much and ate it way too fast!

I'M Loving: That I made a yummy sald and queso for dinner.

I'm Loving: The new Pirates of the Carribean movie that Josh and I went to see yesterday with my dad and sister. I dunno who the new religious guy was, but wow! I loved how gorgeous the mermaids were too.

I'm Loving: The nice, long walks and talks on the beach that Josh and I have got to have this week.

Hello to all 15 of my subscribers! It's so exciting sharing my life with you guys and meeting new people. Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


We are on vacation this week and will post pictures when we get home :) Hope everyone is well :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pin Up Pics Reveal- Part 3

And even more pics from my awesome photoshoot!

Pin Up Pics Reveal- Part 2

Here are more of my pics from my awesome photoshoot! I will be posting a few as I get them and so far I love every one and will have to order them!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Handmade for You Swaparoo- Reveal :)

First off, I want to apologize for not getting this post up on Wednesday when I got my package; I had ever intention of getting it up yesterday, but as we all know, blogger was down. That and the post office gave my hubby the wrong package on Tuesday, so I had to wait an extra day, which sucked! When I saw that the lovely Miss Angie @ My So Called Chaos and Beth @ Living a Goddess Life were hosting this amazing swap, I knew I had to be a part of it. I love swapping, but I especially loved this swap, because everything was made from hand and from the heart. I love having one-of-a-kind goodies and I love creating one-of-a- kind creations for others. I was lucky enough to be paired with the amazing Ms. Bernie at @One Mixed Bag. Let me just say, she totally put her heart into this swap and spoiled me. I feel like I've made a life-long blogger friend who I have so much in common with and I constantly stalk her blog for a good, deep laugh.

Hubby had my package open when I got home because he is like a little kid at Christmas when I get a package while at work and he has to wait until I get home before he can see what is in it.

Now onto the goodies :)(Sorry my camera didn't focus in some pics!)

First off was these cute earrings! They're so adorable-so girly and dainty and I can't wait to wear them! She emailed me to let me know she forgot to put them in the original package so she mailed them out separately and I got them the same day. So sweet!!

Next, she custom made me a personalized stamp to stamp the cards I make by hand! She has her own stamping company and makes all kinds of neat stuff! I LOVED this and it'll be such a nice touch on the back of my cards!

She made me a set of custom made vintage cards that are adorable! I only took a pic of one (I dunno why, guessing I was too excited digging through the box :).

Then were these super super cute recipe cards that she made from a brown paper sack! I dunno how she did it, but I LOVE them and they work so well in my soon to be completed, vintage kitchen.

The cute card she sent me! It told me to read it AFTER I opened the package and I did.

This was my favorite of the package! She handmade me, along with help from her hubby, Mr. Bernie, a recipe card holder for when I cook! She found these totally crazy recipes featuring poultry cookies and dishes with squirrels! I just love the little spoon holder!

She made this cute vintage jar with vintage Hershey's labels for my kitchen that I LOVE! I poured my coffee in it and it's perfect!

Bernie made Josh and I a HUGE bag of Chex mix that is sooo yummy! I have to keep swatting at Josh's sneaky hands and hide the bag so i get to enjoy some of it :)

She made me more stamps! All of what I need to make custom cards for special occasions. I think I now have an addiction to stamps :)

Thanks so much Bernie for everything! You spoiled me and gave me amazing things that will be a big part of my new kitchen. Go and check out her blog-@One Mixed Bag ; you won't be disappointed and you'll laugh til you pee your pants and if you want to see what I made for her!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Perfect Swap!!!

I also found the perfect swap for me; a flipflop swap!!!! I have some many fun ideas for customizing my swap pair, that I had to sign up right away!

You should sign up too! Head on over by clicking the link below!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A fun fun giveaway at Onemixedbag!

My amazing homemade for you swap partner, Bernie and her hubby Mr. Bernie are having a really fun giveaway for a free pizza and a cutting board over at onemixedbag.com

Mr. Bernie gives a really honest, and fun review of his recent experience with Fruschetta brand pizza and even includes pictures for you to take a peek at.

Head on over and check out the fun :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pin-Up Teasers :)

I took pin-up pics yesterday and I received a few teasers today and OMG... I am in LOVE!!! I will post more when I get them.

I am soooo glad that I finally got these done. They were a perfect reward for my hard work and weight loss and I felt soooo gorgeous! I highly recommend any women to take them and tape into their inner sexiness :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

On My Soapbox

Here I go on my soapbox...

You know what really bothers me? People who have kids and don't want them or don't want to be parents. I get highly upset and aggravated when Josh and I are trying so hard to get pregnant and be parents and others take it for granted.

It's even worse when something like this happens to one of my kids at work, who I adore. Mom has decided in the last few weeks with dad away at basic training that she doesn't want to be married anymore or be a mom. She has told husband she doesn't love him and only wants the child on weekends.

I couldn't imagine giving your family and child up like that, like they mean nothing; especially when you carry them so close to you for 9 months. W hat did this child do to deserve this, not a thing; he/she is totally innocent.

It just makes me so so sad and I will be getting an onside look at how it is going to affect the child. I just want to pick him/her up and hug them tight.

This also goes to parents who don't put their children first. Another child at work, who I also adore, is constantly dirty, wearing stained clothes, has a dirty face, and reaks like cigarettes. He/she is always struggling for clean air because their clothes are so saturated in smoke. It's so bad, when the diaper is opened up for changing, it smells like an ashtray and I almost puke.I just want to stick them in the tub and scrub them down.I make sure I hug them tight whenever I see them so they're getting love from somewhere. If only I could adopt all the children in crappy home lives....

This said, I cannot wait to be a mom of my own that I can give more love than I ever imagined to.

Updated Bucket List- May 2011

Pin-up pics, done!! I will post a few when I get them in the next few weeks :)

My Bucket List
: 1.Put my hands in Marilyn Monroe's at Graumann's Chinese Theater.
2.Go to the Smithsonian.
3.Take pin up pictures. -Will happen May 7, 2011 :)
4.Get a tattoo on my foot.
5.Go to a live taping of a television show.
6. Read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books.-May 2010
7. Visit the Playboy Mansion.
8.Get a massage.
9.Swim with the dolphins.
10.Get my eyebrows threaded.
11.Learn to contour my cheeks.
12. Learn to sew.
13.Get remarried at a chapel in Vegas.
14.Get a bigger wedding ring.
15.See the Eiffel Tower.
16.Get a caricature.
17.Own real pearls.-July 2008
18. Go on the Sex and the City tour.
19. Find the "perfect" red lipstick.- October 23, 2010
20.Become a Scentsy rep.-September 2009
21.Grow my hair out long.
22.Go to Mardi-Gras.
23. Get leied.
24.Get a high end pair of heels.
25.Buy a lottery ticket.
26.Be a mommy.
27.Go to the Kentucky Derby and wear a big hat.
28 Get Lasik.
29.See a volcano.
30.Buy a new car.
31.Fly on a trapeze.
32.Get a pedicure with my mom.-May 2010
33. Win a costume contest
34.Gamble in Vegas
35.Stay in a bed and breakfast.
36.Go to a ball.
37.Go to Hawaii
38.Take a photography class.
39.Buy my first MAC item from the website or store.- October 23, 2010
40.Buy a Macbook.
41.Get a 3.0.
42. Give my sister a makeover.
43.Have a dessert pen pal.
44.Get flowers delivered to me.
45.Join a teacher's organization.
46. Go to a teacher's convention.
47.Meet and take a pic with a famous person.
48 Have zero credit card debt.
49.Learn to pole dance.
50.Own a house.
51.Own something from Tiffany's and Co.
52.See Lady Gaga in concert.
53.Go to a wine testing.
54.Smash grapes with my feet to make wine.
55 Ride in a limo.
56 Find the perfect “little black dress”.
57. Perfect a "no makeup" look.
58 Learn how to work with rolled fondant.
59.Take more ballroom dancing classes.
60.Eat crab.- August 27, 2010
61.Send out Christmas cards.-December 2010
62.Ride a gondola in Venice.
63.Write a children's book.
64.See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
65 Visit every state in the U.S.
66.Run a marathon.
67.Plant a tree/flowers.
68.Donate money to charity.-March for Babies- October 2010
69.Learn to ice skate.
70.Learn to play the guitar.
71.Write a song.
72.Ride in a hot air balloon.
73.Go parasailing.
74.Ride a mechanical bull.
75.Celebrate New Year's in Time Square.
76.See a Macy's holiday parade.
77.Dance burlesque/go to a burlesque show.
78.Go to Coyote Ugly Saloon.
79. Take old timey saloon pics.
80 Have a real (snail mail) pen pal.-Amanda :)- October 2010, but could always use more :)
81. Walk the Great Wall of China.
82.Meet the president.
83.Ride a trolley.
84.See a real Broadway show.
85.Go on a cruise.
86.Go to Graceland.
87.Go to an auction at Christie's or Sotheby's.
88.Shop in Rodeo Drive.
89.Own a Betsey Johnson purse.-March 2011 :)
90.Go to an OU game.
91.Get an autograph.
92.Whiten my teeth
93.Hit 500 subscribers on youtube.
94.Adopt an animal from the pound.
95.Go to the Olympics.
96.See a ballet.
97 Surf.
98.Go to Coney Island and eat a hotdog.
99.Take a candlelit bath. -February 2011
100.Get a facial.
101.Collect something. -M.A.C. and Nailpolish-ongoing :)
102.Cook for my in laws.
103.Sleep in Cinderella's castle.
104.Cut my husbands hair.- December 2009
105. Get my cosmetology degree.
106. Do someone's makeup for a formal.
107. Throw a surprise party.
108. Loose 50 lbs.
109. Learn yoga. -September 2010- ongoing :)
110. Visit the Big Apple.
111. Go to Hawaii.
112. Go to Oktoberfest- October 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happiness 365: Day 7

French Onion Soup made from scratch. Brought to you by moi :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happiness 365: Day 6

A clean and orgnaized crafting area. Now I can easily find what I need and can do it at the crafting table, not in the living room ; which will make Josh very happy!