Saturday, May 7, 2011

On My Soapbox

Here I go on my soapbox...

You know what really bothers me? People who have kids and don't want them or don't want to be parents. I get highly upset and aggravated when Josh and I are trying so hard to get pregnant and be parents and others take it for granted.

It's even worse when something like this happens to one of my kids at work, who I adore. Mom has decided in the last few weeks with dad away at basic training that she doesn't want to be married anymore or be a mom. She has told husband she doesn't love him and only wants the child on weekends.

I couldn't imagine giving your family and child up like that, like they mean nothing; especially when you carry them so close to you for 9 months. W hat did this child do to deserve this, not a thing; he/she is totally innocent.

It just makes me so so sad and I will be getting an onside look at how it is going to affect the child. I just want to pick him/her up and hug them tight.

This also goes to parents who don't put their children first. Another child at work, who I also adore, is constantly dirty, wearing stained clothes, has a dirty face, and reaks like cigarettes. He/she is always struggling for clean air because their clothes are so saturated in smoke. It's so bad, when the diaper is opened up for changing, it smells like an ashtray and I almost puke.I just want to stick them in the tub and scrub them down.I make sure I hug them tight whenever I see them so they're getting love from somewhere. If only I could adopt all the children in crappy home lives....

This said, I cannot wait to be a mom of my own that I can give more love than I ever imagined to.


Skinnie Piggie said...

The only thing I can tell you (from a friend dealing with infertility) is that she has decided to focus on herself and do her best not to worry about not being a mom. She is eating healthy, working out, volunteering, and crafting. She figures if she gets her body in the best possible shape (emotions/mind included) that maybe the stress and anxiety of not being able to get pregnant will go away. Not to mention lots of prayers.

Josh and Jennifer said...

You are so right! That's what I have decided to do and what would be best for us. I feel deep inside that it'll happen soon and it'll be perfect :)