Friday, May 13, 2011

Handmade for You Swaparoo- Reveal :)

First off, I want to apologize for not getting this post up on Wednesday when I got my package; I had ever intention of getting it up yesterday, but as we all know, blogger was down. That and the post office gave my hubby the wrong package on Tuesday, so I had to wait an extra day, which sucked! When I saw that the lovely Miss Angie @ My So Called Chaos and Beth @ Living a Goddess Life were hosting this amazing swap, I knew I had to be a part of it. I love swapping, but I especially loved this swap, because everything was made from hand and from the heart. I love having one-of-a-kind goodies and I love creating one-of-a- kind creations for others. I was lucky enough to be paired with the amazing Ms. Bernie at @One Mixed Bag. Let me just say, she totally put her heart into this swap and spoiled me. I feel like I've made a life-long blogger friend who I have so much in common with and I constantly stalk her blog for a good, deep laugh.

Hubby had my package open when I got home because he is like a little kid at Christmas when I get a package while at work and he has to wait until I get home before he can see what is in it.

Now onto the goodies :)(Sorry my camera didn't focus in some pics!)

First off was these cute earrings! They're so adorable-so girly and dainty and I can't wait to wear them! She emailed me to let me know she forgot to put them in the original package so she mailed them out separately and I got them the same day. So sweet!!

Next, she custom made me a personalized stamp to stamp the cards I make by hand! She has her own stamping company and makes all kinds of neat stuff! I LOVED this and it'll be such a nice touch on the back of my cards!

She made me a set of custom made vintage cards that are adorable! I only took a pic of one (I dunno why, guessing I was too excited digging through the box :).

Then were these super super cute recipe cards that she made from a brown paper sack! I dunno how she did it, but I LOVE them and they work so well in my soon to be completed, vintage kitchen.

The cute card she sent me! It told me to read it AFTER I opened the package and I did.

This was my favorite of the package! She handmade me, along with help from her hubby, Mr. Bernie, a recipe card holder for when I cook! She found these totally crazy recipes featuring poultry cookies and dishes with squirrels! I just love the little spoon holder!

She made this cute vintage jar with vintage Hershey's labels for my kitchen that I LOVE! I poured my coffee in it and it's perfect!

Bernie made Josh and I a HUGE bag of Chex mix that is sooo yummy! I have to keep swatting at Josh's sneaky hands and hide the bag so i get to enjoy some of it :)

She made me more stamps! All of what I need to make custom cards for special occasions. I think I now have an addiction to stamps :)

Thanks so much Bernie for everything! You spoiled me and gave me amazing things that will be a big part of my new kitchen. Go and check out her blog-@One Mixed Bag ; you won't be disappointed and you'll laugh til you pee your pants and if you want to see what I made for her!


Beth said...

Wow- what a great swap package! Her stuff is pretty darned awesome. :D

Thanks so much for participating in our swap!!

Josh and Jennifer said...

I can't wait to take part in another and I agree, her items were beyond awesome!!

Bernie said...

I'm so glad you liked everything. I love the idea of keeping coffee in the jar. I never would have thought of that.

Thank you for a fun swap!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Thanks so much again for everything! We're brewing the coffee up as we speak :)

Coupon Queen said...

Hi, stopping over and following. I came by to see the stuff Bernie sent, I had only seen the recipie card holder before she sent out everything. I love the recipie cards and the jar, coffee was a great idea, she wasn't sure what you would put in it. :) Sounds like you two had a lot of fun, if I was more crafty I would give this a try. Have a great weekend!!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Hello and welcome! Bernie sent me some awesome awesome stuff! I loved every bit of it! You should do a swap, it's a lot of fun and a great way to meet new friends!

Miss Angie said...

That is such an amazing package! So glad you joined us, it was a lot of fun!

Josh and Jennifer said...

It was an amazing package! I had a lot of fun and hope yall do another swap like this soon :)