Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feels Like a Monday

In all reality, I really thought I was ready to go back to work from vacation, but after tossing and turning and getting maybe 2 hours of sleep total, I kinda think differently.

Really, I swear today is Monday, because I'm already off to a good start.

First, I broke the drain lever thing in my tub last night, so all this disquisting sediment stuff keeps settling at the bottom of our tub and I keep having to wash it out.

I got up and washed my hair this morning and grabbed the last available towel in the closet, which smelt like wet, dirty dog. I about puked. The smell was more than I could stand.

Speaking of laundry, everything electronic we own is going out. First the washer got a hole in the bottom and leaks everywhere in our laundry room and now our dryer won't work. Our fridge went out, so we're living in a mini dorm fridge, and our xbox went out. It's always 1 thing after another.

Today hubs has to go and get me 2 new tires for my car while I am at work, because I have some BAD bald ones right now that I can't believe are still hanging on. I literally pray every time I drive to make it safely on the tires. Tomorrow I guess I'll haul my butt to the laundry mat with the massive amount of laundry I have so we have towels and things to wear, totally sucks not being able to wash your own clothes from the comfort of your home.

I'll stop griping, just going to be one of those days I am afraid...

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