Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow, please go away!!!

We've been snowed in for 3 days now!!!! Meaning, no work, no going anywhere! I'm enjoying time spent with my hubby, but it's kinda getting on my nerves that the snow and ice are just sitting here and not melting off. I had plans for Saturday, stupid snow....

I guess we are lucky that we aren't living further up north, where they got the worst of the weather. Tulsa got 21"! They don't get to move for a long, long time. The roads are horrible and I am not even going to attempt that!

Hope you guys are safe and warm and not in the middle of this nasty weather. At least the sun is out and work cares enough about our safety to not make us attempt it, because I wouldn't. Did I mention it's only 7 degrees??? Eek!!!

The side of our house:

Wait... there's a driveway there?

Snow pics with the hubby:

Take 2:

Boys will be boys :)

Snow on the side of the house:

Poor little house :(

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