Saturday, December 28, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Swap Reveal!

Woo hoo! The time has come to reveal my 12 Days of Christmas Swap Package. I meant to have this up a few days ago, but my mother-in-law suddenly passed away yesterday and my mind has been elsewhere.


Anyway, this swap was so fun to take part in and I had a blast shopping for goodies. This swap was hosted by Miss Beth and Miss Angie at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. I was paired with the lovely Victoria from My Thoughts for Thought. I really enjoy reading her blog reviews on subscription boxes! I feel like we were a lot alike and our packages to each other were pretty similar. My package to her was delayed due to the snow storm, so we both got to open a few presents at a time to catch up.

Here's my box of goodies! (I for sure will do this swap every year, because it's like an early Christmas each day leading up to Christmas!):

Day 1: Yummy, homemade fudge! This lasted a whole 5 minutes and was delicious! I even had a little gift opening helper :)

Day 2: Nail Polish, which I love! Such pretty colors!

Day 3: There were 2 # 2's, so I opened one on Day 3. Cute candy cane earrings made by Victoria!

Day 4: Gingersnap Tea. I haven't used this yet, but I love tea in the winter and this sounds really yummy!
Day 5: Chocolate Cookie Mix. I need to make this so soon. Yum!!

Day 6: A Wine Bag with candy inside. I think it would be cute to take on a picnic :)

 Day 7:  I couldn't find the tag for a number 7, but it;'s no biggie. I think it got pulled off somewhere and might have been one of the polish colors. I love them both :)

Day 8: Cute Candy cane earrings made by Victoria :)

 Day 9: Homemade hot cocoa with a candy cane. I have yet to use this because I haven't been home much, but it looks yummy!

 Day 10:  Really cute tea stained clothespins to display Christmas cards. I LOVE these too!

 Day 11: A cute leopard scarf! I LOVE this soooo much! It will be heavily worn!

 Day 12: This cute purse/clutch that her cousin made. It is soooo cute and definitely one of my favorite items!

 I am super happy with everything I received and loved that a lot of items were homemade. I hope Victoria loves her package as well! :)


Beth W said...

What a great package- a little bit of everything! :) I'm so glad you and Victoria have become blog buddies, and how fun that you sent similar packages. :D

I'm glad you joined us for this swap, and hopefully it helped with the loss of your MIL to have a little bit of gifting joy.

Sofia said...

My favorite is the clutch!! Of course I wouldn't be able to keep it white...whites and I just don't get along.

Anywho, great package!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sorry about your mother in law.

Your package is too cute though. I like that a lot of the items were homemade. How fun!


Angel The Alien said...

Lots of cool things! Maybe one of the number 2's was actually supposed to be a 7! I almost did something like that while wrapping my packages and it took me like ten minutes to figure it out!

Miss Angie said...

I am so totally lusting after your Darling Diva nail polishes! Those are highly sought after, so exciting!

Thanks for joining us, this package rocks!

Victoria Burke said...

Jen, I am so sorry to hear about your Mother in Law.

I am glad that you enjoyed your box though! My cousin does do amazing work! So I am happy that you liked your clutch/case!


Aubrey S. said...

The clothes pins are too cute. Love the handmade jewelry and the clutch.

Jennifer Haas said...

Thank you Beth! This swap really was what I needed during a hard time. I had a lot of fun! I don't know if I'll get to do swaps for a few months while I student teach, but I'll for sure get back on it in the summer.

Jennifer Haas said...

Whites and me don't mix either, but the clutch is just too cute that ill risk it lol.

Jennifer Haas said...

Thanks Lauren. The holidays were tough, but this swap helped. I love that Victoria hand made so many items; I love anything handmade.

Jennifer Haas said...

I think you're right lol. Without my glasses; I can't read a thing lol.

Jennifer Haas said...

I had no idea! I can't wait to use the polishes!

Jennifer Haas said...

Thanks Victoria. Your package definitely helped in making the holidays a little easier.

Does your cousin have an etsy?

Jennifer Haas said...

Me too! Homemade things are the best.