Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Weeks Weigh-Ins

So I've fallen off my wagon again with the weighing in... still need to get a scale and exercise more, but let's see how I do.

Bust:45" (Up 3 inches)
Hips:51.5"(Down half an inch)
Waist:50" (Up 4 inches)

Been so busy and preoccupied with life that my diet/weight loss has taken a back seat. Still no coke, so yay :)


Amanda said...

Well life happens...I have been so busy the last few weeks..my dad decided to go to Florida for cancer treatment, somethings we can not get in Canada..I've not forgotten about you..your LUSH is all ready to go..I am travelling to Maine next week for a little break..so I will mail it from there..saves on shipping and crappy customs forms..I had to be sneaky wrapping it, as most of it my hubby got me as gifts, lol..I'm just not into it..take care and sending hugs all the way from Nova Scotia...

Josh and Jennifer said...

Aww you take your time! I had no idea you guys were living in Canada; I tend to be a little slow these days I think. I just really appreciate it and your thoughtfulness in sending the goodies to me :) How is your father doing? I hope he's getting the best treatment possible.