Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lexi Gets a Haircut!

How adorable is she??? Since she's now short haired, she got to stay in the house and sleep in our bed (hey, she's our baby!). She didn't even potty in the house!


Amanda said...

Long time no see! She is as beautiful as her mommy! My dog looks exactly like her, except he is boy and is 11..and is in desperate need of a good hair cut! I've been a most horrible blogger and pen pal..but I've been dealing with bouts of depression or grief really and most days its too much to sit at a computer or leave the house...but today I've decided to snap out of it and join the land of the living...I was thinking of you guys when I heard of all those tornadoes went through Okla..glad your ok..TTYS..XXOO Amanda

Josh and Jennifer said...

Awww Amanda! I was just thinking of you, so it's soooo good to hear from you!!! I need to send you a Scentsy care package soon; what kind of scents do you like? I miss you guys and your blog posts of the babies. Glad you are all well, please don't be a stranger!