Saturday, January 21, 2012

Woo Hoo, A Post!

Hey all,
We're still here and kicking :) I apologize for not posting regularly this month. Between constant mouth/dental pains and the lack of sleep, I haven't felt much like posting anything on my blog.

Tuesday I got a root canal and am feeling so much better and refreshed! It was definitely a blessing in disguise. I go in on the 30th to get a crown put on it. Then my next dental appointment is in May to take care of everything else. I will tell you, through it all, I've become obsessed with brushing my teeth and taking better care of them. Dental pain is the worst pain of my life!

My healthy living routine has really sucked this past week; I haven't done my yoga, I haven't done my shakes, just all over sucked! Today I have drank my first shake in forever and am waiting to get enough money to do the full on Herbalife experience- with vitamins, etc.

My birthday is in a month and I am really pretty excited. I'll be 25 and am looking forward to it. I really hope 2012 is our year. There's so so much we would like to accomplish this year (a 2012 baby, maybe???).

Anyways, just wanted to do a quick update. I'll be sure to do a more specific one later on this weekend :)Hope everyone is doing well :)

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