Monday, September 8, 2014

Local Flavor Swap Show Off

I have been trying for days to post this from my phone, but I guess I'm not smart enough to figure out how to do that lol. I am finally at my laptop and am able to get this up. Yay! A few weeks ago I received my box of goodies from the Local Flavors Swap hosted by Angie and Beth at Chaotic Goddess Swaps.

 I was paired with Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag. I sent her a box of Oklahoma goodies that reminded me of home and she put together a box of Kentucky and Ohio items because she lives on the border of both states. I got some awesome stuff!

These cookies were delish! I could eat them every day!

I love the towel! It's hanging in my kitchen :)

I never buy cotton scented things for my car, but this smelt sooo good. I will have to stock up!

This card is so cute!

These were also yummy. I loved the dark.

I love the shirt she sent me too!

If you want to see what I sent Lauren, go over and check it out. The Swapoween swap sign ups have just opened too! You better believe I signed up :)

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Beth W said...

How fun! I love the Kentucky Derby stuff, and Cincin chilli is famous! Thanks for joining the swap, and I'm glad you got a great swapper and tasty package. :)