Monday, January 12, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Show Off

These last 2 weeks have been rough in our house, Zo got diagnosed with the flu and we've spent a few nights waiting 4 hours to see a doctor in E.R. for meds and to break high fevers. It's been no fun! Remember last month when I signed up to participate in the 12 Days of Christmas swap hosted by CG Swaps? Well, I got an amazing box of goodies that I was so eager to open and share with you all.

I was paired with Jackie from Precious Baby Pierce and she got me a box full of great items. I had a blast unwrapping all of her goodies.

First here's my little Christmas present!

                                                    Day 1: Starbucks Giftcard

Day 2: Cookie Mix

Day 3: A pretty scarf

Day 4: A coffee mug- I love it!

Day 5: A personalized Christmas ornament. It looked so good on our tree!

Day 6: Matching Mommy and Zoey cross necklaces. We love these!

Day 7: Ninjabread Cookies

Day 8: Pedi tools and socks!

Day 9: Vanilla Chai candle

Day 10: Another pretty scarf.

                                                     Day 11: Pretty Christmas ornament

Day 12: Nail polish

My little helper loved opening everything! Thank you so much Jackie for such a fun box of goodies. I hope you loved yours! It was so fun to shop for you!

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Jackie said...

I am so glad you liked everything!! We LOVED the box you sent!! I sadly am trying to recover my photos my phone crashed so I lost almost all my photos!! Thanks again, I hope yall had a wonderful Christmas!!