Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best and Worst of the Emmy's 2011

I am not one to watch awards shows at all, but I am one to stalk the online celebrity red carpet pics to see how the stars added up in my book. Let me just say, the styles at the Emmy's kinda disappointed me. Most of the stars looked like the didn't even look in the mirrors before walking the red carpet- their outfits were hideous. Some stars did impress though.

Let's start with some of my favorites:

Nancy O'Dell- The color really suits here and she looks sooo polished, a lot of stars are lacking this.

Connie Britton- She is just flat out GORGEOUS! I love the rusty red color no her skin and the dress.

Heidi Klum- She got a lot of crap on this dress, but I love it. Her body is bangin' but I wish it was a different, more vibrant, color.

Claire Danes- I love her whole look. I couldn't pull it off, but on her, it all comes together.

Brooke Anderson- I have no clue who she is, but that emerald green color on her is soooo pretty. I love how different it is and with her skin, it really pops.

Kelly Osbourne- She has done a total transformation and is gorgeous! I love the color and the cut, so flattering.

Adrienne Palicki- This may be my favorite. She looks so sexy and I love the red all together.

Kate Winslet- Love the color, and the sexy figure! This dress was made for her. She's soooo pretty.

Michelle Forbes- I love this bottom of this dress. With her dark eyes, dark hair, it just rocks.

Evan Rachel Wood- I just LOVE her! Such a classic beauty, and this event didn't fail me. I love this dress on her.

Amber Riley- This dress was made for her, it hugs her all over. Finally, a plus-size girl who dresses to flatter her curves. I love this.

Rashada Jones- I love the color on her dark skin. It was also different from the other shades of pinks and had that romantic vibe.

Now, my not so favorites. Honestly, they need to fire their stylists for letting them out in these tragedies.

Louise Roe- I have no clue who she is, but this color and material of the dress looks like baby poop. I don't like the dark eyeliner on her and she is soooo super skinny- she needs a little weight on her.

Christina Hendricks- I ADORE her- she's gorgeous and I wish I had that figure, but, I think sometimes she takes loving her figure too far and this happens. The dress just does nothing for her and clashes so bad with her gorgeous pale skin. The boobs are on full display and about to spill out, and that cannot be comfy! I wonder how she breaths. I wish she would've worn a richer color, worn her hair up, and covered up some cleavage and the slit on her legs.

Kieran Shipka- No idea who she is, but it drives me nuts when people dress kids in dresses older than their age. This dress is just ugly and does nothing for her. She should;ve worn something younger, fresher, and more fun.

Heather Morris- I love her on Glee and she's so pretty, but this dress and that hairdo age her. Maybe the dress could've worked with looser, younger hair? I do like the color on her though.

Katie Price- This, along with most things she wears, is hideous. I cannot stand that she tried to be so much younger than what she is, but ends up just looking trashy. The dres isn't terrible, but the color is all wrong. The thing on her head is hideous, and her makeup and heavy liner makes me want to scrub her face down and redo her hair and makeup. I could've done a better job at styling her.

Dot Marie Jones- I get that she's more masculine that most women and plays one on Glee, but seriously? They could've picked a more flattering suit for her. I will say, I do like her hair and make-up- kinda her signature.

Jayma Mayes- She's adorable, is she not? I love her on Glee, but this dress, ugh! The top and color aren't so bad, but the bottom, I wish it was slick and straight. I kinda wish either the neckline was different or it was a halterish type of neck.

Paz de la Huerta- She's not my favorite person on t.v.; she drives me crazy on Boardwalk Empire and has a strange look to her. She got a lot of bashing on this look, but honestly, the hair and dress aren't horrible on her. The thing that bothers me is her lips. I wish she had a brighter color on them. The muted, grey color does nothing for her.

Loretta Devine-This dress isn't a total bust. I wish it draped her better and they removed the sleeves. I think that, and bigger jewels would've made this look a ton better.

Amy Poehller- This reminds me of that blue Saran Wrap you get at Christmas time. I think this ages her a ton too and does nothing for her figure.

Now for best and worse couple:

Best goes to:James Krasinski and Emily Blunt

Worst goes to: Michael Pitt and Guest: They look terrible!!!!

Sorry this is soooo pic heavy, I couldn't resist. Who was your favorite and least favorite at the Emmys?

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