Saturday, September 3, 2011

Has It Really Been 2 Weeks?

Has it really been 2 weeks since my last blog post? Sheesh, I need to get better at being a regular poster!!! I've been crazy busy the last week or 2 and haven't done much more than work, sleep, and repeat. So what is new you ask? Let me tell you :)

First things first, it's September!!! I am so happy, I could go streaking down the block (but I won't to prevent from scarring my neighbors and small kids for life :))I may or may not be burning a gingerbread pumpkin candle :) (I am lol.)

I closed out my At Home America Party Wednesday!!! I had a 500 dolalr party (wow!), and got double the hostess benefits (250 in free, 4 half priced items, a free booking gift, and a mini bakers rack for 9.99). I will be sure to show you guys how I decorate my home with those items and what all I got.

I got a 37 cent, yes, a 37 cent raise!!!! It hits on my next check and I am soooo excited. More money= bigger bonus in November (new Xbox, anyone?). It was a true prayer answered and was totally unseen, but appreciated :)

We got a new (well used, but new to us), washer and dryer last night! I am so beyond excited to do laundry this weekend (I really am!) No more laundry at my parents lol.

Anyway, I will leave you with that! Have a great weekend!!!

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