Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Soooo Chilly!

Hi all! I am sorry there hasn't been a post up in a week or 2 (I can't even remember my last post before today's 2). I've kinda been in a funk and not wanting to do much when I come home from work. Finances have been tight. Broke is a total understatement for us right now. The way it looks, we'll be on a tight budget until the week of Christmas. This time of year is always hard on us, but we always pull through an make it.

I will be going back to school in the fall of 2012. I am so so excited, because I am so ready to be done. It will certainly make finances a lot easier when I've graduated. If I have figured things up right, I have 1 more semester of finishing up my coursework (13 hours) and a semester of student teaching (DO NOT look forward to it, cause I'll only be working 2 hours a day at my current job). I did send an email to my adviser to get advise and some questions answered. I really like my adviser and know she wants to see me succeed. I am also hoping to get my financial aid back to help even more with schooling since I've been cut off from all Oklahoma funding. I will also be taking my 2 Elementary OSAT Subtests in April, then my last certification test midway through student teaching to get my teaching license.

Is anyone else freezing? It's currently 43 outside, but my house feels even colder than that. Ugh, the downfall of having propane to heat the house. Josh's parents are buying us one of those cute little electric fireplaces for Christmas, so I pray that it helps in heating the house a little bit. It's supposed to get up in the 60's this week, so hopefully that helps too.

I have been a complete sloth all weekend. I need to clean the house and put decor on our walls, but so far, I've only completed washing the laundry. I am still in the p.j.s I put on Friday night after work lol. Seriously, it's kinda embarrassing how lazy I have been.

We're celebrating Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve morning because we found out yesterday that Josh has to work Christmas Day :(Freaking sucks! I'm off until the 27th and will be home alone Christmas and the day after because Josh has to work. We're having a whole week of fun for the kids this week at work and celebrate Christmas with them this Friday. Parties with the kiddos is always fun!

Well, I am going to get off of here and make a blueberry cheesecake. Maybe it'll make me feel less guilty for being lazy. I've given up hope of a diet until after New Years lol. Hope you guys are staying warm and cozy!


A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Why diet anyways, right? I get lazy sometimes and feel bad about it too, but I think sometimes those days help though. Our finances are tight this time of year as real tight, and we decided to buy a new phone which was stupid because now we are really BROKE with no extras. We do always seem to get through though too!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Oh girl, I will really be buckling down after New Years and eating better and exercising. There's no point in starting now with all the yummy, bad for you foods of the holidays. I know finances, ours is bad right now. Should be a lot better next weekend. Hope all is well!