Monday, September 30, 2013

My Favorite Color Swap Reveal!

I'm way behind at getting this post written (homework and test have consumed me this past week), but I got my package from my swap partner for the My Favorite Color Swap hosted by Miss Angie and Miss Beth at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. This package was one of my favorites! I was paired with Miss Morgan at I LOVE her blog! She's so sweet and I had a blast shopping for her and getting to know her.

My favorite color is usually purple, but Lord knows I have a ton of purple items. Lately, I've been loving mint green everything and I always love anything leopard print, so that what she went with to put together my package. Here's the goodies I received!

I knew it was going to be good just from the box everything was in!

I needed a little helper!

Everything was wrapped in mint green paper and burlap twining. It was sooo cute!

Opening gifts is sooo hard!

She had my initials on each package with a little note of why she picked each item.

How cute are these cupcake liners??

Opening momma's gifts :)

I LOVE Thirty One gifts!!!

These lasted about a day lol. I LOVE caramels!

"Come on mom, just one little bite?"

These are delish and the container is sooo cute and will be reused!

I've wanted to try these. I'm saving them, but I figure they'll be delish!

Um, LOVE!!!! I cannot wait to wear this!!!It's so long and awesome!

This dry erase board is adorable and sitting on my mantle!

All of the goodies. I love everything!!!!

If you want to see what I got Morgan, check on the link-up party by clicking the picture below. Just an FY.I. the Swapoween swap will be open tomorrow and guess who's signing up??? It is the best swap ever!!!



Beth W said...

What a FANTASTIC package! As a fellow lover of mint green, I approve. ;)
(seriously, if that dry erase board goes wasn't me!)
Also, your bebe is too, too cute.
Well done, Morgan (and well done, you)!

Miss Angie said...

That's so great! What a fun package!

Kayla said...

Very cute package! You baby is adorable by the way!

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

cute! love mint green :)