Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swapoween Reveal!

I finally got ( well ok, she's SUPER easy to get to bed because she's on a schedule and out by 8:30 every night) Little Bit to bed and now I have time to get my swap reveal post up! I seriously should have done this 3-4 days ago, but I was only able to go to the post office today to get the package. Oh the joys of living in a small town with no addresses and hence, no public mail boxes.

Anyways... Zoey is a great alarm clock. She babbles in her sleep and usually starts around 7 or 8 in the morning. Today it happened to be 8, the time the post office opens on Saturday. I knew I had to get her a bottle and hurry because they're only open for an hour. So I flew out the door, bra less and all to make sure I got this package today, because I couldn't hold off any more. Boy, it was worth it too!


This awesome swap was hosted by Miss Angie and Miss Beth from CG Swaps . I was paired with Joni from Blue Cats and Roses. I was so glad we chose to add each other to FB so we could learn a little more about one another. I quickly discovered through a few e-mails, that we were a lot alike and that shopping for her would be easy! Boy was I right, because I had a hard time pulling the plug. It was nice to be paired with someone so much like me and who was a neighbor from a close state(I'm in OK, she's in TX).

Anyways, here's my goodies! (Please ignore my hairy legs shown in some pictures, I desperately need to shave them, but eh, it's cold outside and sweats cover them lol.)

My goodies, my goodies, my goodies, oh my goodies.

I LOVE anything glitter and this cup is awesome!!! It will be going to work with me :)

Seriously, how cute is this bag? Zoey will be using it to collect candy tomorrow at our church's fall festival.

I LOVE these and will wear them to work to entertain the kids.

I LOVE that owl towel!!! So cute!!!

She made me a cute foam leaf garland that I strung along my mantle. Zoey was way into Dinosaur Train and didn't want to help me open the package :(

How cute is this sign? I need to get a frame for it so I can put it on the mantle :)

This is all the participation I got lol.

I put this outside on my porch with my other pumpkins. It looks way cute!

 She must have known I love owls. Not the creepy looking owls, but the cute ones like this!

I LOVE to unwrap gifts in tissue paper. It makes every package feel like Christmas :)

The other side of the green towel :)

I LVOE this glittered pumpkin. It is also on my mantle :)

Thank you Joni for the awesome package and Thank you Beth and Angie for this awesome swap! I can;t wait to get into the Christmas and the Guest Post swap :)


Beth W said...

I LOVE that glitter pumpkin cup, and the owl decoration. Yay! We're so glad you were good matches, and thanks as always for joining us for this one! :)

BrittanyAlecia said...

So yeah I pretty much love that owl sitting in the pumpkin frame. I need one of those!

You got great gifts too!