Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Swap Post

I took part in the Easter Candy Swap this year and was paired with the lovely Sarah. Today I raced to the post office to pick up my box of goodies from her and boy, oh boy, did she do good :)

A look upon opening the box:

I felt like a kid at Easter:

Sarah's favorite candy: Dark Chocolate Peeps, which are amazing and I will stock up on :p

Sour bunny gummies and caramel filled eggs :)

Jelly Belly Jellybeans: Some of my favorites!!!

Sarah hit the nail on the head with this swap and got me yummy goodies! I can't wait for her to get her box of goodies :)


1 comment:

Sespi said...

Yay, I'm glad you liked everything! I'm excited for my box too :) And I'm glad you liked the dark chocolate covered peeps! Mrs. Flyboy told me about them earlier this year and I've been obsessed ever since.