Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wedding ABC's

I saw this cute post on Flipflops and Combat Boots blog and thought, what the hey, I'll do it too :)

Attending: I am not even sure anymore how many were there, I think I invited 200-250 and at least half to 3/4 came :)

Bridesmaids: 6. My 2 sisters, my best friend from high school, my best friend from elementary school, a friend I had at my 1st job, and Amanda, who is like my older sister.

Catering: K.F.C. which we got an AMAZING deal on because I used to work there. Everyone loved it and we had TONS of leftovers!

Dress: My dress was gorgeous. It was the first dress I tried on and kept coming back to. Not what I had originally wanted, but I loved it.

Engagement: We dated for about 11 months when we got engaged. We moved in together, were engaged for almost another year, before we got married. We also took engagement pics :)

Flowers: I made all of our floral arrangements. We had bright colors of "fake" gerbera daisies and I loved them. I saved so much money that way and worked so hard on them.

Groomsmen: We had 6 to match the bridesmaids, all of which were Josh's fraternity brothers.

Honeymoon: We went to Tulsa and then to the lake and stayed in my aunt and uncle's cabin. It was sooo nice!

Invitations: They were simple and made by me :)

Justice of the Peace: He was my preacher and I adore him :)

Keepsakes: Thanks to USPS, most of my decorations were lost in the mail and received 2 weeks after my wedding, so my bridesmaids and I were left scrambling at Wal-Mart at 2 A.M. the night before. I kept lots of goodies though, like my advice cards written by the guests.

Ladies Night: My bachelorette party was a nice dinner with my friend's at a friend's house. Now that I look back, I wish it would've been a little more "crazy."

Music: We had a picture slideshow done by my mother-in-law and music set up, but unfortunately, everyone kinda ate and ran, so we didn't get to dance or do much other festivities.

Newlyweds: How long are you considered "newlyweds?" I think we are still in our honeymoon phase! (I agree :)

Old, new, borrowed, blue: Old was my great grandmother's ring, attached to my bouquet. New- my dress, shoes, etc. etc. Borrowed- pearls from Josh's mom. Blue- my ballerina flats :)

Photography: Josh's aunt did all of our pictures, free of charge :)

Question popping: We don't have a super cool proposal story.

Reception: Held at my church in the newly finished Activity Building (which we were the first to use :))

Slicing the cake: I LOVED our cake, it was yummy and simple. Our cake topper was lost in the mail, so Josh did it last minute. We were nice with feeding it to each other:)

Trash the Dress: I didn't do that, but am considering it. I dunno if I have the guts to trash the beauty tho.

Unique: Just about everything in our wedding was done by hand, so we saved a TON of money, Total wedding was about $1500.00 :)

Vows: We did the traditional, plus a hand ceremony, which I LOVED!

Wedding Woes: I was highly stressed with the decorations not getting there on time and our bridal gown place, who didn't dye my shoes until a day before, or had my gown altered completely until a day before. They also tried to charge our groomsmen for shoes they never ordered.

X-rated: I've seen some pretty raunchy pictures of guys taking off the garter belt...but ours was just simple. Most guest had already left by then.

Young Kids: We had lots of young kids at our wedding because I LOVE kids :) My nephew was 9 months at the time, and was our wagon boy coming down the aisle, he couldn't even sit up on his own yet and fell asleep through the ceremony.

Zzzzzz: We were up early the morning of the wedding and stayed up super early for 2 days playing rockband, we had to take an extra day off our honeymoon to recooperate :)

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