Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I LOVE my job!

When I went on vacation last week, 2 of my kiddos moved up ointo the "bigger" kids room. I was super sad cause I missed their last day and because 1 will be staying with mom and dad all summer long, so when he does come back in August, he'll be so much bigger and mature, which is :(

I have a close bond to all of my kids and their parents and when they grow up so fast, I get sad, but when I got to work this week I had 2 amazing gifts as a thank you for teaching their children. One was a bag of gourmet candies from the place I used to work, which is always amazing :)

Today, I had another that the other teachers had forgot to tell me was there for me and it was from the family of a little boy I had. He had never been in daycare before and took a while to get used to it, but from day 1, we bonded. He learned to wave, talk a little, and I helped him learn to walk. He was my little buddy and is the one who will be gone all summer. His family was the kind of family you wish all families are: supportive, full of live and love, and amazing parents. I absolutely loved the gift they gave me and included a picture below. I will be using it a lot and taking it everywhere.

As amazing as it was to get the tote bag, the real present was the card they wrote for me. I literally cried when I read it and it's going somewhere close by so whenever I have a bad day and feel like my work is useless I can reread it and know that what I do has made a difference.

Dear Ms. Jenn,
Thank you so much for being such a sweet soul. There's not many people who could handle all the little ones like you with a smile on your face.
Thank you,
Tanner and Leslie

Something so simple, but means so much!

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