Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello Number!!!

I weighed myself today and...


I'm at 192; a number I haven't seen since high school!!! 47 pounds to go til i'm at my goal :)


Amanda said...

Hey girl! Congrats! I've finally just hit under 200 also, I went up to 235 (ugh) when I was pregnant, and just finally losing have motivated me..I started my "lifestyle change" (not diet) the 1st of June, I do 5 min on the ellipitical and 20 min of a brisk walk on the treadmill daily..I've cut out all junk, chocolate and greasy foods..I'm not going to weigh myself until July 1st..I get to discourged if I don't see the scale move...take care!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Aww yay! That is great news! I was about where you were too (I cannot believe I let myself get that bad!) It's definitely not easy, but so worth it. How amazing do you feel? I feel like I get around so much better than I used to. I'm proud of you and if you ever need motivation, I'm here :) I weigh myself today :)