Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weign-in Week 6

So this week diet still wasn't all that great, but I did eat in moderation. I also ordered my hula hoop for exercise and am excited to get it :) Ii think tomorrow I'm gonig to start up on using my Dancing With the Stars Jive cd; last time kicked my butt and I'm sure tomorrow will too. I haven't ballroom danced in forever, but when I used to, I loved it!

Here's this weeks measurements:
Bust:44.5" (Down 1 inch from last week, so yay!!!!)
Waist:48.5" (Down an inch and a half from last week, yay!!!)
Hips:53" (Down half an inch from last week, yay!!!)

I'm super proud of myself! This time next year I'll be taking a beach vacation and my goal is to be a size 12 so I can wear a bikini :) I think I can do it; a long way to go, but I can do it if I stay focused :)

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