Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Confessionals: Kinda Think I'm a Food Addict?


I confess... My diet has been total crap this week! I feel like I've ate a ton and don't know why.

I confess... I have a new addiction to pop-tarts. Literally. I bought 5 boxes in a week...

I confess... Tonight I went to dinner with my family at a Chinese restaurant and it was really nice. My family is the most inappropriate, loud bunch there is. People stare at us, but who cares?

I confess... I was excited to go look around at Wal-Mart by myself after dinner (reflecting and time to clear my head). However, my phone went off.

It was my dad.

I confess... He asked me to go back to the restaurant because my mom had lost her cell phone. I'm an awesome daughter, so I agreed.

I confess... I looked like a moron trying to explain the situation to the Chinese waitresses. In the end, there was no phone there and I had to call my mom to tell her.

I confess, 15 minutes after I told her; she texts me and tells me she found it.

She was looking in the wrong coat...

It's 11:00 and I'm about to chow down again. Hey, it's nice to have good teeth and get to eat normal foods again :)


Mamarazzi said...

yay for getting to eat good food, so how do pop tarts fall in THAT category? hmm?

and yes, you are a good daughter!

thanks for linking up your confessions, i hope your weekend is fabulous!!

D said...

Sounds like a fun evening,the whole cellphone thing not withstanding.

Stacie said...

Mmmmmm, pop tarts. I can't even tell you which flavor is my favorite, but I can say the only way to eat a brown sugar cinnamon is to split it like an Oreo and eat the halves separately. That might have to be included in my next favorite things swap!!