Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm a Grouch

Just call me Jennifer The Grouch because tonight people are getting on my last nerve! Here's my soap box for the night.

- I'm going in for 2 root canals tomorrow :( Alone, because hubs has to work and at the butt crack of dawn. I'm so awesome, I am going to work afterwards. Let's hope I don't leave a trail of drool down the hallway from having a numb mouth.

- If ONE MORE PERSON adds me to a group on facebook without my permission, I am going to SCREAM! At least let me make that choice of my own. Tonight, I got added to a group called Bitchfest. Maybe there's a coincidence that that happened, but still, it's annoying. Just stop already!

- I really wish the road crew in town would clean up all the road kill. I don't like having to swerve to miss hitting an already dead animal and risk messing up my car. And to the people who have had the dead dog in your yard by your mailbox for 3 weeks; you disgust me. How can you stand that and I don't want to see it daily.

- Also to roadcrew, please finish this bridge construction. I hate the barriers put up to make the highway into one lane. I have to go super slow so I don't wreck.

-To the boring lady with Kool-aid hair who taught the boring session yesterday at my training; thanks for wasting an hour and a half of my precious time yesterday by lecturing about common sense things. I disagreed with about half you said and you weren't funny. I was hoping since you had all these handmade toys out on display, I'd get to make some to bring back to my room, but no. Thanks alot.

- I am wanting to buy from this site soooo bad, but lack about 25 bucks to do so. I need a new designer purse! Sell ebay listed items, sell!!!

I better get my grouchy butt in bed. I really don't want to be crabby at the dentist. Maybe I'll be smart and take the laughing gas? Me+ laughing gas= MAJOR DORK!!!

Good night all :)


Ginger Zuck said...

My goodness, two root canals!??? That's just wrong. Good luck, hope you do ok. I think that your soap box rants are very justified.

Stacie said...

Thank goodness all the CRAP happens at once. Grab a bag of Skittles and eat until the world is right again :)