Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly Weigh-Ins:Week 1

Hi all!
 I have decided to start recording my weekly weigh-ins, both as a way for me to keep track of my hard work,and for anyone going through the same battle, to maybe get some inspiration.

I started my journey a month and a half ago and there's no looking back. When I started I was clocking in at close to 250 pounds, which is not an acceptable weight for someone my size. I am also doing this to help increase my risks of fertility. I want to just be an overall healthier person.

I have been doing portion control and using, which has been a total lifesaver and helps me keep track of my exercise and eating. I throw some Herbalife in there too.

Here's my results for the week:

Previous weight: 233. 2

Current Weight: 231.6

Neck:16 inches
Waist: 50 inches
Hips: 54 inches

Overall weight loss: 9.6 pounds :)

I am going to start doing the putting marbles in a jar thing so I have a visual aid as well that I can see my actual progress :)