Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fertility/ Dr. Appointment Update

I have gotten a lot of emails on my facebook and texts asking me why I went to the doctor yesterday and what happened, so I felt I would address them here in case anyone was wondering :)

I went for my yearly/pap. As most people know, in 2009 I was diagnosed with P.C.O.S. and a water filled cyst was found on my right ovary. I went through many many humiliating and heartbreaking steps and tests to overcome the cyst and get my body on a regular cycle. (I hadn't had a period in 2-3 years prior). Needless to say, I did all the things the doctor told me to do, the cyst collapsed on itself and my periods became to come back. I went yesterday just to make sure everything was in check and that I was healthy.

I also went to discuss pregnancy and fertility options with the nurse practitioner. Josh and I had been trying for about a year to get pregnant and a good solid 6 months of trying really hard and have had no success. I wanted to know what my options were and if there was anything we could do to get there. Here is the steps we have to take.

1. Continue to take prenatal vitamins to ready my body for pregnancy. The body needs to have a supply of folic acid in the system to help nourish the baby and prevent birth defects. (A step I'm doing but need to be sure I'm doing every single day.)
2. Keep on top of getting my thyroid tested regularly and taking the meds to regulate it. (I admit, I am BAD at this and know it's why I'm tired all the time. I don't take the pills sometimes and then I crash and burn.) Had to have blood work done to test it yesterday and they will not be happy with the results because I hadn't taken the pill in a few days. Waiting on results to see if we increase that dosage or stay the same.
3. By a basil thermometer and chart my temperatures daily. High temps= best chances of getting pregnant.
4. Chart cycles on a website, to know when I am ovulating and also to have in case I don't get pregnant in 5 months, I'll have to have this charted in order for the doctor to see what I need to be taking fertility pill/treatment wise.
5. Sit with bottom in the air for 20 minutes after sex on a pillow. (HARD!! I don't sit still long at all, so I need to get a t.v. or something in the bedroom to make that happen.)
6. Have sex 2-3 times a week.
7. Continue yoga and healthy eating. I have read that 10% in body loss makes fertility chances go WAY up!

And that's it, lots of praying and even more dedication on my part. I'll be honest, I am terrified of the options of treatments, but if it comes down to that, I will do it. Just please keep us in your prayers that we get naturally pregnant within the next 5 months.
Also, if any of you reading has irregular or no periods at all, PLEASE GO GET TESTED! Simple blood work and a pelvic exam/ultrasound can detect things (like cysts) that you may never have even known you had. :)



Anonymous said...

I will keep you both in my thoughts. I'm sure that this must be frustrating for you. I'm glad that your Dr. gave you some ideas to help you.

Josh and Jennifer said...

It's extremely frustrating, but we try not to loose faith. Prayers would be much appreciated :)