Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weigh-In Week 3

I admit, I honestly thoguht I wouldn't loose anything this week, I didn't drink my replacement breakfast shakes 5 days (only 3), but I did do my yoga, drink lots of water, and ate great , healthy meals, so low and behold, when I stepped onto the scale.

232!!! I thought I had had a mishap so I reset the scale and got back on and got 232 again....

YES!!! I LOST 9 LBS!!! That is a huge, huge lost and I am so so happy with my hard work. Some nights I was tired as hell and didn't want to do yoga, but I pushed myself and it was sooo worth it, so so far from where I want to be, but a great start!

Getting that tattoo is going to happen sooner than we think :)

14 lb loss since week 1!!! Last week- 241, this week- 232

Keep kicking booty!


Valerie said...

That is so awesome!! It's always such a great feeling to see a loss, but it's even greater when you're not expecting it, especially one so big. Keep it up, girl!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Thanks hon :) It feels soooo good! How are you doing?