Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weigh-In: Week1

So how did I do??? First, let's show what I did this week for my weight regimine.

1. Meal Replacement at breakfast, ever day Mon-Fri.
2. Smart ones meal for lunch 3 out of 5 days. Thursday I cheated and had a pizza pocket and a few chicken strips. Friday my coworker bought me chicken fried steak (total fail).
3. Drank a ton of water. Prob 84oz every day.
4. Did yoga Sun-Thurs, took Fri and Sat off. 3 days Yoga for Beginners, 2 days Yoga Burn.
5. Portion control, or at least tried.

Now for the big news, this week I lost.... 3.5 lbs!!!! I could've lost more but I am soooo psyched.

Goal for this week: loose 5 or so lbs, more water intake, better meal choices, get through whole Yoga Burn dvd.

Current weight- 233.0
33 lbs til I am below 100, I know I can do it before May :)

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