Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Scarf Swap Reveal!

Hi guys! I am here to share with you another swap reveal (I know, I've gone a little crazy with swaps, but I love them!)- this time I participated in the Fall Scarf Swap hosted by Miss Angela over at Sweet Tea Diaries and was paired with the adorable Michelle from Stuttering Shell, which was a perfect match for me! I love wearing scarves pretty much year round, and am trying to further grow my collection for when I student teach (perfect way to jazz up an outfit without going overboard and still looking professional and classy).I received an email from Michelle letting me know she was crocheting me a scarf (I was super excited, I LOVE crocheted scarves soooo much!).

Anyways, my package came in today and it's soooo gorgeous, much more so than I had imagined.

The cute card and scarves!

I don't have a scarf like this (why, I have no clue!), but I want more, Michelle, do you sell these, cause I would buy more :)

Cute cream colored scarf with gold threading from Old Navy- love it too!!!

Thanks so much Michelle, I LOVE them! :)


Michelle said...

Yay! I'm SO glad the USPS is on POINT right now! All of my packages are shipping super fast! Again, I'm so sorry about the time it took for me to get your goodies to you, but grad school (I'm going to be a teacher, too!) eats up a lot of my do my own kids. ;) I'm so glad you like your knit scarf. When you said you wanted a plum colored scarf, I though, "Hmm...I have yarn in a color she might like!"

As for selling them, I am going to put some up on my blog over the weekend (I hope...darn grad school projects!). I'll let you know!!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Love your new scarves and how cool that they were handmade! Michelle is awesome! Thank you so much for participating in the swap, I"m glad you had a good experience!

Josh and Jennifer said...

She is so awesome, I can't wait until she lists her other scarves up for sale! Thanks so so much!