Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yoga Update

I totally realized I missed last week's update for yoga. Busy busy last few weeks! I've done pretty good with yoga (been super busy with assignments and tutoring and work). I missed yoga a few days this week- was exhausted once night after working on homework and the next night I had a nosebleed 5 minutes in lol. Go ahead and laugh because I did lol. I successfully made it through my tough Yoga Burn dvd last Sunday (wooo!!!) and haven't been able to get that far since. Missing a day totally sets you back.

So question is, do I see a difference? Hell yes! What I call my 2nd tummy (I have 2 fat rolls on my tummy- sickening I know) is gone! My belly (which looks like I had a watermelon of a kid) is noticeably tinier. It still has a long way to go, but I see a huge difference.

Another area I notice a change in is my arms and legs. They feel stronger and slightly more muscley. Am I where I want to be? Not even close and I won't be for probably a year or 2. Would I be comfy in a bikini yet? No. Love handles and a tummy do not make me feel hot yet, but I do feel the sexiest I've felt in a long time.

I am so proud I found an exercise system that works for me. I feel amazing. I plan to reward myself in a few months with a tattoo, possible nose stud piercing, and pin up pics :)

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