Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Confess Fridays


This week's confessional is all over the place; you've been warned! :)

I confess... I REALLY need to place a Mary Kay order, but HATE paying the tax on an order I get for 50% off. Really, it's bad...

I confess... It's so bad, that I told hubby I wanted Mary Kay for my birthday and Valentine's Day, because I know, I rarely will order it myself.

I confess... I sometimes feel out of place when I go to Mary Kay meetings. My makeup isn't always as put together, I feel not so professional or knowledgeable, but I try.

I confess... I had to do a game of eeny, meeny to decide the best time to fight the crowd at Wal-Mart to get groceries. I picked on my lunch break and it was welfare city!

I confess... I had to practice self control. I didn't even get all the groceries on my list because I wanted out of there so bad.

I confess... Already 6 minutes late to work, I try to leave and almost get hit by an old man in a boat car. I had to jump the curb to not get hit.

I confess... I'm a bit of a whiner this week... :)

I confess... my face is a hot mess! I somehow managed to claw a huge chunk of skin off my nose yesterday, while playing ball with the kids at work. Bled and I look like I got in a fight...

I confess... I am sucking this week at blogging. I am, 3 or 4 days behind on my daily photo challenge? Sheesh, I fail!

I confess... I chased my dog around the house to try and get a picture of her running around with a bone in her mouth, but she was no game.

I confess... it took me 3 hours (yes, 3!) to make this! Hubby had to help me cut the boards, because I may, or may not, have thrown a few temper tantrums like a little kid. I hate things not turning out like I like them, but overall, I am happy with it!

I confess... I may have a nail polish addiction. I'll have to build another rack, because I don't see an end in sight any time soon.

I confess... this drives me crazy! A girl I work with typed this memo up to give to parents; I noticed it as I was leaving yesterday and immediately snatched it up. I would be embarrassed for any parent to have to see this!

I confess... What??? NO!!!!!

I confess... this made me l.o.l.! Yes, that's Glamour :)

I confess... I am done griping :) Maybe I'll go mix me up some coffee and go about ym day :)


Kisma said...

I love that you snatched up the memo- I would have died as a parent laughing with the errors in that.

And this was a great post. Lets blame the weather on the whining... cause I have had the same problem.

Josh and Jennifer said...

It was horrible! I'd be embarrassed to get that as a parent!

This weather is horrible! I was liking the 60 and 70 degree weather lol!

Mamarazzi said...

oh that memo is just sad. seriously. i sell Mary Kay too...but i do not go to any meetings, ever. i sold it the first time back in the late 90's and did the whole free car thing. over it. now i just want to get the

Josh and Jennifer said...

HAHA that's why I sell it too!!! I really need to out in a personal order in a few weeks lol.

Stacie said...

So, wait. 19 degrees is bad?? Girlfriend, I just took a walk in NEGATIVE 11. Count your lucky stars! (just kidding, I'm totally envious)

And speaking of envious: I want your nail polish collection. All of it.

Josh and Jennifer said...

HAHA it's been like 50's and 60's here all year, so 19 was sooo not what I wanted, or snow lol. It's already melted off though :)

HAHA sad thing is, I bought a good like 5 or so more polishes this weekend, so I will have to build another wall rack soon lol.

Brittany Sommer said...

Hey! Your dog is adorable! You follow me on twitter @DawsonsPrincess and I just started following your blog! Fell free to follow me back!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Awww thank you! She's something else! I'm going to follow you now :)