Friday, February 17, 2012

I Confess Fridays


I confess... I have no excuse for why I didn't take part in the other blog post link ups other than I was too lazy this week to write. :)

I confess... I am pretty happy with how Valentine's Day turned out. *Pat on the back*

I confess... seeing more people subscribe and follow my blog makes me so super happy! *Hi followers!*

I confess... our dog, Mrs. Lexi, thought it was her Valentine's Day too. She waited til Josh went outside to take the trash out and I was sound asleep and she ate about 8 pieces of the heart shaped box of candy I got Josh for Valentine's Day. Josh freaked out all night, but this isn't the first time this has happened. She is fine and pretty sure, she's part human.

I confess...that I went and scrubbed my face more than I should this week because I was tired of people looking at my battle wound on my nose and saying, "Wait, you have a pen mark on your nose. Oh wait, it's a scab."

I confess... that this week, every day I have looked in the mirror, I scare myself with the image. I have a good 2-3 inches of root growth (blonde roots and red hair just don't work), bushy eyebrows, and since I ran out of facial powder, usually my makeup is a hot mess.

I confess...I honestly don't care though. I'm not impressing the kids at work lol. They like me regardless.

I confess...I am excited to get my hair redone next Friday and to be off 2 days! Maybe I'll get things that I want to do, done!

I confess... I love my Favorite Things swap partner! Such a little fire cracker and I love that about her! I don't think our pairing could've been more perfect!

I confess... I really need to get busy this weekend and go pick some stuff up for her awesome package :)

I confess... I STILL need to post a personal Mary Kay order. I placed an order Monday, but I only got 2 nail polishes and a primer. Maybe next week when I get paid?

I confess... I am using a Mary Kay blush sample because I'm sick of wearing the same blush all the time and I have yet to order full sized, new ones.

I confess, I need to finish getting around for work before I am late and this confessional is a novel long :)

Happy Friday All!


allstarme said...

Yeah, my swap partner was masterfully chosen as well. Props to Mamarazzi for this skills!

VandyJ said...

I don't wear makeup. Just can't quite get the hang of it.

Josh and Jennifer said...

I wish I could go without it, but I tend to scare people lol.

Josh and Jennifer said...

Yay Mamarazzi! Who were you paired with?

Mamarazzi said...

i TRY really hard to match people up right...i am glad you are happy with your partner and that y'all are going to become good friends.

i would totally freak if Coco ate a bunch of chocolate too. i am glad your pup in OK!

sorry i am slow getting here, some weeks just get away from me. thanks for linking up, love your confessions and i really appreciate that you play along!

Josh and Jennifer said...

You're a busy woman, it's okay! :) I love being a part of the link ups and meeting new people :)

Stacie said...

Yay for swap partners!!!! And I love firecrackers so that was tooooootally appropriate.

Girrrrrl you should see my roots. Have you heard of the new hair trend ombre? I'm rocking it on accident!

Josh and Jennifer said...

HAHA I love that! I don't look good with ombre hair at all lol.