Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Happy List: Nook Edition


As promised, I am going to be a better blogger in 2012 :) Today, I am taking part in a link up over at Mamarazzi's My Happy List post. This week, I chose to go with a "mostly" Nook based theme, but I figured, what the heck, just throw in everything that's making me happy this week!

*I am Happy that today hubby and I got caught up on our daily devotionals! We're 46 days in and God is really speaking to both of us to be better spouses.

* I am Happy to have found this bit of joy after I returned to my Nook homescreen after devotionals:

It was like a sign for above to reward myself after tonight's intense cardio workout.

* I was Happy to open up that bit of bliss and see awesome advertisements, like this one:

Anyone see the M&M's Super Bowl commerical? Amazing!

* I am Happy and love the look of the new Ms. Brown M&M. So classy, so sassy!

* I was Happy to see that Food Network Magazine was thinking of me and included a calender of chocolate for the month of March for chocoholics, like myself.

*I am SUPER Happy to have lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks!!! Yoga and counting calories is paying off! I am loving the difference I am already seeing in my clothes!

*I am Happy I finally palyed a big word in Words With Friends! Proof!!

*I am so Happy to be in a new room at work. I needed a change in my life and a break from a room full of negativity.

* I am Happy we got our taxes back and are getting a pretty nice amount back :)

* I am Happy to finally have figured out what I'm doing for my part of Valentine's Day :)

*I was soooo Happy to watch Glee tonight and see Ricky Martin on and I'm kinda thinking he may be a regular character? LOVE HIM!

What made you happy this week? :)


Adie said...

Wow amazing word in WWF - I LOVE that game and am mildly addicted lol.

Blogjogging from Mamarazzi! http://livelaughloveandchaos.blogspot.com/

Mamarazzi said...

LOTS to be happy about, what a great list!!

i need to get busy planning something for my hubz for Valentine's day, good for you for planning ahead!

thanks so much for linking up!!

Josh and Jennifer said...

I just made up a word and it took it! :) I am mildly addicted too :)

Josh and Jennifer said...

I loved your post! Your daughter looked so grown up and pretty!

This was a blast to do! :)