Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Fall" Into a Friendship Swap: Week1 Reveal!

This is my 2nd fall swap that I have signed up for and it is soooo fun! I love how this swap goes on for 6 weeks, each week you send a card or a small little something to your swap partner and get one back in return.

This fun, fun swap is hosted by Miss Katie at lifewiththeds . I was paired with Miss Tiffany from ekismaslife, who is sooo sweet. I love reading her blog!

This is the adorable card I was sent for week one with 5 random facts about Tiffany:

Is it not the cutest???

I also received a thank you card from Katie for being a part of the swap, sooo sweet!

I can't wait to get to know you better Tiffany!


A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Wow ! You are doing a lot of swaps! That's adorable and I love that it goes on for 6 weeks! I'm just about ready to send your swapoween package out...Just need some tape! :)

Josh and Jennifer said...

HAHA I was having a serious need for swapping this fall! I am going to be working heavy duty on your Swapoween package this weekend so I can have it out early next week! I haven't had much quality time to get done anywhere close to what I want to yet :)

Kisma said...

Woo-hoo. SO glad it arrived safely. I am working on the next one and will have it out before weeks end:-)

Josh and Jennifer said...

Me too :) I look forward to getting next weeks :)