Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where's Foto Fun Friday?

I was totally lame this week and didn't take any pictures :( I am however, going to have lots of pictures for next week's Foto Fun Friday; you know why?

I'll tell you why:

1. I am taking bridal pictures today! Yes, I have been married 3 years already, but never got to take them before I got married. I am beyond excited!

2. Josh and I ordered I-Phones! They'll be here Tuesday so I will be a picture takin!

Sorry it's been crappy with the pics this week, but next week will be better; I'll be a better daily blogger too!

Also, hello new followers! I am so excited and honored to have you following my blog!


Kisma said...

My hubby got his iphone on Friday and I am looking forward to getting mine in another week. You are gonna LOVE IT.

Josh and Jennifer said...

Are you getting the 3G S or the 4S? I am soooo excited to get mine on Tuesday :) You'll have to recommend me some apps :)