Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Okay Thursday

This is what Thursday's will be dedicated to; not being perfect!

* It's Okay that I have 2 days worth of DVR recordings and feel way behind on my shows!

* It's Okay to wear the same, neutral makeup look because I like to sleep an extra 30 minutes in the morning.

* It's okay that I only have one Christmas present bought and won't have most of my shopping done until Black Friday.

* It's okay to sometimes turn the cell off so people don't keep sending you texts and so you can have some peace and quiet!

* It's okay to have cheat days on your diet and eat whatever you want.

*It's okay that we've ate chicken for supper 2 nights in a row this week.

* It's okay to put off going to the doctor sometimes because you think you can treat your own problems sometimes.

* It's okay to be jealous of everyone around you having babies.

* It's okay to constantly debate on whether or not to cut your hair off because you're sick of it.

*It's okay to constantly be on the search for the holy grail of beauty products. I am wanting to buy a whole new hair care line :)

*It's okay to call your spouse by pet names more than you use their real name.

*It's okay to miss your sisters and want to spend a weekend with them.

*It's okay to stay in your p.j.'s all day on days off.


Miss Angie said...

It IS ok! :) All ofi t! Especially the Pjs.

Can't wait for Swapoween!

Josh and Jennifer said...

Me either! I am sooo excited to get her package out!

Kisma said...

I love this!!! I'm all about the PJ'!