Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Okay Thursdays

* It's okay to fall behind on daily blogging- life is more important.

* It's okay to wear chipped nail polish :)

* It's okay to not have any Christmas shopping done- Black Friday will be here soon enough :)

* It's okay to pamper yourself every now and then :)

* It's okay to schedule 3 different photography sessions to have an assortment of Christmas images to pick from for your Christmas cards.

* It's okay to pull hair in a pony tail for daily work.

* It's okay to speak your mind!!!!

* It's okay to wonder how in the hell Rhianna got sexiest woman alive???

* It's okay to not do any laundry until Saturdays- hey, work is tiring!

*It's okay to let your dog sleep in bed with you at night.

* It's okay to not get your eyebrows done all time- tomorrow, they'll be nice and pretty! Way overdue!

* It's okay to not get gas until the gas light comes on! Hey, i'm lazy!

Happy Thursdays!!!

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