Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Okay Thursdays

This week, I've realized:

* It's okay to be 24 and have wrinkles- I happen to love my forehead wrinkles.
* It's okay to have conversations with my dog and to laugh at the blonde moments she has.
*It's okay to be breaking out heaters, electric blankets, and sweater cause 60 is "cold."
* It's okay to go over on your daily calories, sometimes.
* It's okay to wake up early on Saturdays to get to the mail and hope you got a package :)
* It's okay to still not have done any Christmas shopping.
* It's okay to look forward to Friday cause you know it's date night and much deserved.
* It's okay to rock the neutral makeup look daily- (hey, I went from champagney lid colors to granite, so it's a change!).
* It's okay to feel naked without liquid liner and pencil liner.
* It's okay to be obsessed with my new I-Phone- it's a step uo from broken cheap cell!
*It's okay to once again be driving on empty until payday lol.
*It's okay to look forward to washing your face with your Mary Kay Timewise Miracle set at night cause you love how clan you feel afterwards.
* It's okay to get on the floor, dance like an idiot, talk in a goofy voice, and just act flat out goofy all for the sake of a kid's laugh at work :)
*It's okay to be excited for payday cause you get a deep freeze (woo hoo!) and groceries!!


Kisma said...

DATE NIGHT!!! I live for Friday for that reason alone!!!

And I always rock the neutral colors on my face. Its just pretty.

Josh and Jennifer said...

Yeah neutral are sooo pretty and always look good with whatever you wear :) I didn't get pics of date night because we want to a Chinese restaurant and I was in my scrubs from work looking all gross lol.

By the way... I am the WORST swap partner ever. I have your cards in my card and was going to drop them off today but I overslept :( They'll be out Monday I promise!